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Listed February 10, 2014
Category E-Commerce
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 160,000 (daily)
Page Views 460,000 (daily)
Number of Members: 7
Income $4,200.00 per month
Expenses $0.00 per month
Asking Price $495.00

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Domain Network With Almost 13,000 Domains -- that we own! - DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY You can purchase this website by hitting the Buy Now button below!

ONLY $495

Have Questions? Contact Me Via  Phone or Email ..or you can reach me on Yahoo Instant messenger at WineAndDine2005 . I also have Skype available!

Website Short Explanation: For those of you with very little time.. this business is simple to profit from. I have built a piece of technology (the website & network) that will take a domain name and automatically perform its SEO to get it traffic. All you must do is buy up '.com' names for $7.45 each, 'park them' using the website you are able to buy, and the website will turn them into having a PageRank of 2 and 'ready' for the search engines in under 45 days. Then, after 45-days you take the domain names and I will sell them off to my clients for $35-45 since they hold PageRank and search engine ranking. I already have clients in place to buy them so as long as you buy within the industries they work in then I can sell them with ease and have been doing so for over a year!

Easy business and very profitable. There are also a lot other ways to make money but this is how I do very well and make money each month. It requires very little startup capital (buy about 20 domains @ $7.45 each) and there is a HUGE market for these established domains -- I could sell THOUSANDS of them a month if I had them to sell. If your wondering why I am selling.. I will tell you below.. and its not one of those "health problems' reasons either, its because selling this to you benefits my domains. Let me tell you about the site.

Firsts, my network of +13,000 domains has currently has grown..5,000,000 visitors coming from the search engines monthly -- and I have done over $4200 in profit this month from the traffic. For further explanation of the offering... continue to read or you can watch the amateur video I've made!


The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

The Business of DOMAIN INVESTING FOR DUMMIES.... J/K. But seriously... this is a GREAT site for people with limited time to mess with these things and have little to no tech background. I know it might not be what you want to do for a living but it sure does pay the bills and is reliable. If I had my choice I would own some really neat companies but I have to do what makes money, and at the end of the day, this site really does make some fantastic money. So for now... I'm a Launch Press Release man :) You might not think you have the technical background or history for something like this but its a real breeze -- simple as it comes and I'm here to help you out. My phone number is on this listing in case you would like to call and talk to me about it.

Launch Press Release

First and foremost -- this website offers both a product and a service. It technically 'produces' a product and that is why its profitable, unlike just about all the other sites out there. This thing is like a little domain establishing factory :)

The website has two primary functions that are very profitable and solid. This website makes money, technically, without visitors or sales -- its a unique method of domain investing that produces cash flow in less then 45 days of buying a domain... as well as other methods. If your looking to build a strong reoccurring income then this is the best method I have developed in years, and it works, because I use it myself and will continue to do so. This website is my user-friendly and very nifty way of doing what I used to do by hand -- and you will find everything is 100% automated.

First I'm going to tell you about the PRODUCT it produces because this is how it makes money each and every month.

Now... how this site makes the BIG money..

The MOST IMPORTANT way this business makes money is via Domain Name Investing & Aging. Buying AGED domains is a huge market because it allows people to launch a new website with 'history' behind it and also a website that is already accepted into the search engines which is VERY important. So paying a little $$ to not have to wait 2 months for the search engines to index your site is worth a hundred bucks. Now, you can make thousands of dollars a month with this method alone! I make thousands a month doing this.. The system allows, only the owner (aka YOU) to 'park' domains on the network and have those domains act as article bank websites. An article bank website is a website that is designed to accept and post articles from users, and in this case, launch press release users. The articles individuals post articles will appear on the website and gain indexed pages and PageRank for the domain you just 'parked'.. From our past performance, 19 out of 25 'article bank domains' will obtain a PageRank of 2 within 45 days (depending on when Google updates PR). I also have examples and proof of this which I can / will provide. So how I make money is I take 20-40 category targeted domains (such as mortgage) and register decent domain names within this category. I will then let them age on the system for 45 days, allow them to establish themselves at having a PageRank of 2, and then sell them to my clients and other large domain brokers. I pay $7.45 for the domain names and I sell them from $35 to $45 after they are established on the network in this 45 day period. This means you have $149 invested in 20 domain names and can sell them off for upwards of $900 -- with no work at all on your part - in just 45 days. I have sold every domain that has established on the network but even if you don't, you could sell off a hand full at a time week after week, add more domains to it, and sell off some every week after that so it becomes a steady income for you. There is no 'market saturation' on this product since there is enough market out there to sell +20,000 domains each month. I buy all the domains I can each month, let them age, and sell. Later I will explain why I'm selling this opportunity and how it will help me (as well as you) fatten our pockets even more. I have a few tools I use to pick out domain names but it can take 10-15 minutes to pick out 20 domain names -- up to about an hour to get them on the network. I have tools that identify some fantastic domains to purchase so this will get you PREMIUM domains, keyword specific, but this part can take a little time but its CRAZY profitable. So... YES you have to do SOME work -- sorry. Only talking hours to park these things but good things take effort and anytime you get involved in something that doesn't take effort, it turns out to just be a waste of time and money.

How Hard Is It To Park The Domain? I have minimized all the work I could for you but you will still have to use GoDaddy to register the domains and plug them into the system. I will make you some videos that show you how to do this -- its super easy. Trust me, you can learn to do this and it only takes a few minutes. Nothing technical and its all web based -- just follow the video, click where you need to click, and type in the domain -- very very simple stuff. Its as easy as sending an email.

Revenue Chart I hate these tables... they look so cheap... but here you go. Please note -- until now I have been selling mine off, and on average, I'm pulling $35 each, but I have recently raised the price to $60 and no one is blinking at the price... so I think they could be worth more in the future. Plus, adding more domains to the system will boost these things further then PR2 -- up to a PR3 which I know I could get $80-120 or more for. Best of all -- I can sell your domains for you!

Number of Domains Total Investment $35 EACH $60 EACH $80 EACH
20 $149 $700 $1200 $1600
50 $372.50 $1750 $3000 $4000
100 $745 $3500 $6000 $8000

Now I understand you need to make $500-$1000 a month extra income so you should park at least 20 domains a month. You will need to at least buy 20 domain names in a category is people have a little range to choose from and I recommend buying in 'popular' categories. I use my custom domain hunting tools (and yes, they rock) to build ongoing lists of 'domains to buy' that I think will do well so you spend less time doing domain research.

I will be promoting your domains to my clients and corporate brokers and assist you in selling your domains, and can move 40-60 domains for you a month. Selling aged domains is pretty easy -- over 500,000 are sold daily so myself and the partners want a bigger piece of that pie!

. ... now I didn't actually build this site to do domain investing...

When I first designed the site I was actually trying to build something very different. The primary purpose of my website is to provide webmasters with an Article Marketing Solution. Writing and publishing articles, much like blogging, is a very profitable way to promote a website and generate sales. The problem I fixed by building this site is simple; webmasters are tired of spending huge amounts of time submitting there article to thousands of article banks. My site will allow webmasters to utilize our unique, one of a kind system to effortlessly submit their articles with a single click, and spread them across thousands of targeted article sites that will drive web visitors to their site and services.

Before now, you would submit an article to a article bank and it would just get lost in the masses and contribute little to your sites link popularity or traffic. With our system users can signup and specifically target the niche sites they want their press release or article to appear on and submit the article with an absolute 100% success rate. Our automated system and technology then 'rewrites' the article to be unique and adds your article to new article banks (websites that host the articles) on a daily basis until it has posted across the entire network. This seems to the search engines as a 'natural growth' and will give you A++ search engine link popularity benefits and really help secure keyword targeted phrases on the engines.

This this process is 100% automated. So it might be confusing to you but there isn't any hands on work in this area of the site.

The reason I implemented this method is because its VERY PROFITABLE. For less then $2 per post a webmaster can spread their article across thousands of article bank sites which will boost their traffic, search engine exposure, and Pagerank. This is a STEAL because right now people are spending hours batting with sites like EzArticles trying to get their article in...and for $2 its all taken care of. You will have people that own blogs writing their blog each morning then paying you $2 to post it to the network and get the exposure they need to bring in new visitors. Month after month you will have the same webmasters paying you fees to utilize your article bank network. Best of all -- the network updates itself -- you never have to worry about the system breaking down since its self-contained.

The Article Marketing service builds you a reoccurring income. Each new user you signup the Article Marketing service will continue to purchase credits from you in the future. Building a member base of just 10 dedicated daily blogging clients can earn you $600 a month which is pure profit for you. Replacing your monthly income by promoting Article Syndication is very doable and profitable and you will find that its extremely easy to sell.

Selling Banners, Links, and Webmaster Services Another way the website makes money is by selling links. As you know -- inbound links is worth a lot of money.

I have highlighted in red a sample parked page and shown the links. The banner on the top also acts as a network wide link that webmasters can purchase. There are a number of link options for a webmaster to choose from

My system a very effective way of selling links across the entire site (and all domains) as well as banners and offers some very unique Link building solutions as well. I understand the need for low-budget webmasters to have viable link building solutions so I have designed a 'long term' link building package that the site sells.

The webmaster just tells the website what web address they need to promote and it will build them thousands of inbound links slowly over time across the network on the newly added articles. This will increase the webmasters PageRank and obtain them solid search engine ranking. The site also sells more aggressive link packages for faster, stronger results and you can read about them on the website. The system allows for link inclusion across article bank homepages or isolated to only content pages, and/or permanent placement or temporary.

These pages range from $29 to $59 BUT you can control your own pricing. It costs you nothing to sell links so you keep 100% of the profit from it.

We have a two partners that do nothing but sell links on ebay and make GREAT income just doing that..

Sell just 10 link inclusions a week and you can put THOUSANDS of dollars on your bottom line each month. Webmasters will buy the links because they are used to paying $6 a month for a PR2 homepage link... and with your service they pay $29 and receive HUNDREDS of homepage PR2 links... a mere fraction of the cost.

People have been making great money selling links over the years online so you will find this is a great way to boost your revenues while you start to open and operate this website and business. Right now the LPR network has over 6,500 domains in it which makes it a BREEZE to sell the link building services.

The system can also be utilized to profit from targeted traffic. I personally buy up domains that have STRONG potential to earn revenues. For example, this month I have purchased up a ton of Vegas / Atlantic City travel domains. I have put them on the system and within weeks... I have results (as you can see from the screen shots to the left). Since I have almost a hundred travel domains like this I can cover thousands of keyword phrases and pull in highly targeted traffic and sell them travel packages (which I earn a % commission on).

You can do this across many industries to build a strong income from it. I will be integrating Adbrite/Adsense/PPC ads into the network as soon as we have over 3,800 domains parked on the network and it pulls enough traffic to make decent revenues.

This means that you can utilize the site to promote ANY website or offering of your choice. If you own a dating site you could capture lucrative dating keywords and then redirect the established domains to your dating site which will boost your members. This site will act as a great marketing tool for you in your future business endeavors.

Powerful Information At Your Finger Tips You can also view your sales reports, traffic and conversion from your marketing campaigns, and other important information to help you manage your business.

We can even integrate Google Analytics so you can see all inbound traffic from your domains and monitor how your visitors interact on your website.

User Friendly Web Based Design & Administration As you can see there are many ways to make money with this site but there are also other reasons this site is a great business to own. Its important that you are able to actually MANAGE the business. I have taken many steps to make this as easy as possible for you and have built you a complete web-based system. This means no technical work, no FTPs to mess with, no sites to edit -- everything can be done from a control panel.

You Can Quickly Edit & Modify..

  • PayPal Email Address & Payment Settings
  • Pricing & Packages For All Products
  • Moderate Articles & Postings
  • Modify Users & Credits
  • Automated Domain Prices & Purchase Options
  • Publisher Banners & Ads
  • Partner Links & Promotion
  • Coupons & Special Discounts
  • Other Settings & Options..
Marketing Materials

I have also already produced the marketing materials that you might find useful when selling the article service and/or domains. These are banners, skyscrapers, business cards, etc. I'm also laying out sources for making listings and attracting new clients so you won't have to wonder around trying to figure out how to promote these products.

Included is also a license of Track My Campaign which will help you manage and track all of your promotion campaigns that you run. The site will build you entry pages for each campaign you run and track people that click, read about the services, signup, and purchase product. This system will allow you to quickly understand where you sales are coming from and where you can best promote the service in the future. This is a HUGE value to have.

What You Are Buying And How Its Networked Together *Very Important Part*

You are buying into my Launch Press Release technology. In this you will receive a custom built website (, branded to your choice, and full access to make modifications to the site as you see fit. You will be buying into a small handful and exclusive network of these sites that are all interconnected with each other.

The reason I am selling this opportunity is because I can also continue my business of aging and selling domains, and with your participation and help, your domains will further contribute to the success of mine. My domains will help promote and establish your domains with inbound links so you don't have to have hundreds of domains to get started.

Likewise, by you adding more domains to the network you will increase the value of mine equally. This means that its very beneficial for me to have you operating this website and its equally beneficial for you to have me operating mine. When articles are submitted on your website they will appear across all of my article bank domains, and like wise. This means that we share content and article collection and the growth of your business will vastly make my domains more profitable and lucrative; even though we both operate our business independently. You keep all of your profits and I keep mine but we are able to share resources for the better good of both of our networks. Since over a half a million domains are purchased daily -- there is no market saturation and we can both buy up huge sums of domains without ever being competitive against each other.

Best of all, we will both share domain marketplaces which means when I sell a domain name from my collection they will also see your domain names being offered. When I run my campaigns to sell off my established domains (which I have sold 100% of so far) then yours are sold off as well. This saves us both money in marketing and advertising costs and provides a 'always on' marketing campaign to promote and sell our domains.

All aspects of the site are operated separate but integrated to one another. You will have the ability to sell links on my domains, as I will yours, and your sold banners will run across and share my article placement as well. This gives your site an 'established' look and your network will always be growing over time because of my contributions, as well as yours.

So the reason I am selling is because its very beneficial for me to have others involved in this project; I need your domains and the articles posted from your webmaster clients you will obtain.

I will setup any site you like but you can view my site at: HTTP://WWW.LAUNCHPRESSRELEASE.COM

As you can see, my site is fairly established and with your help I can push it even further.

Above is an example of how I can integrate the site into your own custom design (not actual site). The site will be converted over contextually (meaning all writing and verbiage) and for an additional $200 fee (optional, to pay the artists) I will redesign the logo and graphics to your liking as you see in the example above for branding purposes. You can describe any type of logo you want and I can have it drawn and illustrated for the site -- even make it look like you if you want. You may use my graphics for FREE, so you don't have to pay the $200.

Other Costs To Consider And Fees Involved First let me say, there are no hidden costs or fees in my offering. I do not charge anything for HOSTING and you do not pay a penny for 'parking' domains on the network (since its your own network). I pay to register the domain and I will handle all transition and transfer of it. The only other optional fee is if you want me to graphically rebuild the logos to your design, and if so, it will cost around $200 and I will do all the integration. There are NO monthly fees of any kind that I charge for being a part of this network.

Now take in consideration you will need to BUY domain names if you want to profit from aging and selling them. I would recommend buying domain names in blocks of 20. It does not cost anything to park/host the domains -- that's all included. You don't have to buy hosting for each domain. The site actually 'hosts' the domains. Twenty domain names, at $7.45 each, is right at $150. So consider investing this amount or more in the near future into buying and placing domain names.

Have Questions? Contact Me Via Skype, Phone or Email ..or you can reach me on Yahoo Instant messenger at WineAndDine2005 I also have a few other intellectual properties for sale, email me if your interested.


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