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Listed June 17, 2017
Category Business & Employment
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 100 (daily)
Page Views 300 (daily)
Income $100.00 per month
Expenses $10.00 per month
Asking Price $750.00

Profitable Business in Selling Website Traffic

Powerful Traffic Reseller Website, Fully Outsourced & Pro Design

We will Provide Complete Installation and Guide

This is a beautifully designed traffic reseller website. The site runs a highly profitable business which is an all-time indispensable need of every internet marketers and entrepreneurs. More so it's a TURNKEY business that doesn't require any work from the end of the new owner, if you can send an email you can run this business. The orders will be fully outsourced to a supplier, who will do the work behind the scene.

If you want to become a successful owner of this extremely profitable online business, then this is your chance as no offer could be better than this!


It will definitely become your most smart and profitable investment, because

* There are no any other services that can compete with this one.
* Even newbie can operate this website no skills and experience needed.
* The prices and quality of these services are beyond comparison.

These are the most popular web services today.

How it works.
Step 1. Customer makes a purchase on your website and you receive instant payment.
Step 2. You place the order to supplier backend provided by me.
Step 3. Supplier completes the order and your client receives automated details of the order.

Profit from business:-


1000 Traffic cost = $0.7 from supplier Site PRICE = $5 Profit =$4.3
2500 Traffic cost = $1.75 from supplier Site PRICE = $10 Profit =$8.25
5000 Traffic cost = $3.5 from supplier Site PRICE = $20 Profit =$16.5
15,000 Traffic cost = $10.5 from supplier Site PRICE = $50 Profit =$39.5
30,000 Traffic cost = $21 from supplier Site PRICE = $100 Profit =$79
75,000 Traffic cost = $52.5 from supplier Site PRICE = $200 Profit =$147.5
150,000 Traffic cost = $105 from supplier Site PRICE = $500 Profit =$395


What you will get:

* Website with content
* Supplier details
* Marketing materials to help you with promotion,
* Full support.
* Will be installed within 48 hours.

Contact me at [emailprotected]


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