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Listed July 15, 2017
Category Sports & Leisure
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 25 (daily)
Page Views 100 (daily)
Income $3,100.00 per month
Expenses $0.00 per month
Asking Price $15,900.00
URL http://www.bluebloodsports.com

BlueBloodSports is an established membership site that provides professional sports picks for the following sports: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, ATP & WTA Tennis, MMA, Premier League Soccer and more.

Blue BloodSports boasts a lifetime winning record over 60% which in the sports betting community is considered the best of the best. The website has made consistent sales from free traffic over the last 16 months and is almost completely automated.


We currently have powerful relationships with various professional sports cappers around the globe. We've also been handicapping our own games for over 20 years. We pay $500 per month for the professional picks and this is the bread and butter of the business. If you have the ability to provide clients with your own solid sports picks, then you can shave this expense and increase monthly profits by $500 instantly.


The site takes 15 minutes at most per day to run. The only thing you have to manage is setting up sports delivery to clients via email and SMS through email, and customer service issues with ordering and billing. People are happy with the service with 0 refunds since inception 15 months ago.

The site is built with custom admin platform which makes managing the site straight forward. We are providing full training for up to one month after the sale.


Currently there is not a strong affiliate program in place. Implementing one would be a solid strategy to grow the business as the sports betting niche is pretty tight knit with a lot of demand, and word of mouth is strong - customers often refer their friends.

The site accepts payments from all over the world. However since most sports are US based, there are people who pass on the service out of lack of interest. offering more international sports picks could fill this gap and increase earnings.


Maintain relationship current handicappers

Client list with phone numbers (2,500+)

Domain - Free push from Weebly, expires March 2018

Rights to all content, custom graphics, logos and files

Established twitter account with followers

Up to 1 month training and support


Total profit for the 15 months since inception is $47,465 for an average of $3,164 per month. These numbers are verified straight from the PayPal merchant statements (attached).

Memberships range in price from $199 per week to $10,000 per month for Off Shore Confidential subscriptions. We also offer guaranteed daily pick packs where you only pay for winners at $20 per game.

There are currently 7 paying customers. This is a mix of long term and newer customers. On any given month about half are new. The site converts well on free and targeted traffic.


Sports picks from the professional handicapper group cost $500 per month, so you never have to do this on your own unless you want to. Other than that fees are minimal - merchant (Paypal) and hosting (Weebly).


The site generates daily traffic through SEO, posting in forums and other various methods. Google analytics is not set up at this time but all traffic statistics can be verified through Weebly.


We're selling BlueBloodSports to focus on other projects in the sports betting industry. We can sign a non compete clause if needed.

Any questions not answered here or to inquire more please send us a message or email.

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