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Listed April 16, 2018
Category Travel
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 0 (daily)
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Income $0.00 per month
Expenses $0.00 per month
Asking Price $499.00

Thank You for showing interest in
This website is a powerful travel search engine which :
1) Allows visitors to find and compare the best prices for hotels & flights.
2) Shop for travel products, and find travel guides and videos.
This type of website is extremely popular as it helps people to save money when booking their next vacation.
The site is setup with 5 revenue streams:
1)Flight search engine which pays on an average of $5.50 to $6.20 per booking.
2)Hotel search engine which pays an average of $15 to $20 per booking.
3)Airport Transfer search engine which pays commision on all bookings.
4)Amazon affiliates which earns a 3% commission on all purchases.
5)Google Adsense which pays an average of $0.20 per click.
The total amount of money you'll earn per week or month will depend on the amount of traffic the website receives.
Earnings Example Based on 100 Visitors Per Day
Total number of visitors per day - 100
Average expected bookings per day - 1
Total Daily Revenue - $11.67
Total Monthly Revenue - $354.26
Earnings Example Based on 500 Visitors Per Day
Total number of visitors per day - 500
Average expected bookings per day - 3-5
Total Daily Revenue - $58.30
Total Monthly Revenue - $1766.33
Earnings Example Based on 1,000 Visitors Per Day
Total number of visitors per day - 1,000
Average expected bookings per day - 5-10
Total Daily Revenue - $115.80
Total Monthly Revenue - $3527.40

In addition, the cookies for the affiliate programs are valid for 365 days. So if a site visitor returns at a later date within a year, you will still be credited for any click they make.
You are paid by bank wire or PayPal for your commissions.

If you win the auction youíll get :
1) A highly brand able and valuable .com domain name. is valued at $1,155 by Go Daddy Domain Appraisal.
Valuable keywords: discount and travel are high value keywords with an average sale price of $1910 and $1804.

Comparable Domain Sales: --Sold for $30,500 (USD) for $1,300 (USD) for $2,300 (USD) for $1,174 (USD) for $751 (USD) for $1,488 (USD)

2) A new, professionally created website with great potential.
The website is built on the word press platform which is the most used website platform on the internet. It is very easy to use and a newbie can also work with it to add new posts and products to the website.
3) A professionally created & unique logo.
4) Free domain name transfer to any account.
5) Free 10 day hosting and site transfer / setup.
6) Free Input of affiliate links in the website.
7) 60 day email / Flippa support.

If you choose the Buy it now option and end the auction then you will get the following bonuses -

1)2 YEARs FREE HOSTING: We will host the site for you for FREE! This normally costs $300 per year.

2) Free 1000 targeted visitors.

3) Collection of quality internet marketing eBooks for beginners on important areas like :
1) Social Media Marketing.
2) Email Marketing.
3) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
4) Online Advertising.

As soon as the auction ends we will send you the login details of FTP and C-panel
Free File Transfer: If you would like us to transfer the site files to your own server, we offer a full installation service at no extra cost

Free Support: Iím there for you every step of the way. Need help? No problem! Iím just an e-mail away. If you need me to change price, affiliate offers or install plugins I will get it done for you promptly, at no extra cost for the next 7 days.
If you'd like to have this website setup on your own domain, please send me a message and I'll be happy to help.

If you have any more questions please send me a message i will be happy to help.

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