7.5 Year Auto Website 6,500+ page views/mo $1,330 average!

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Listed July 4, 2018
Category General
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 40 (daily)
Page Views 214 (daily)
Income $1,440.00 per month
Expenses $20.00 per month
Asking Price $25,900.00
URL http://oneinsurancequotes.com

7.5 Year Auto Insurance Website with 14,700+ page views/mo averaging $ 1,330+ per month in revenue!

How it works:

Currently and for the past few years people visit this website landing page for quotes or rates on auto insurance, they type in their zip-code and on the next page up comes the advertisers in their local area. (See screenshots) You are paid on a pay-per-click basis, (each time a person clicks on one of the advertisers you get paid) last years PPC is about $7 to $8 per click for auto insurance.

Averaging 6,500 page views per month! (email me for traffic screenshots 2017 & 2018)

Commisions paid in 2017  - $$15,975.79

Commisions paid in 2018 so far - $8466.75* (June) *see video proof on youtube here:

What you get by purchasing through escrow.com:

-You get an established website that automatically generates traffic and revenue each month through organic sustainable methods.

-Continued monthly income with proof.

-Established domain registered in 2011, (see screenshot from estibot).

-Website SEO for optimized website loading speed.

-Website optimizes for Mobile & tablet devices.

-On Page SEO keyword optimization through SEO Yoast for WP.

-All images, logos, and content.

-Free hosting migration to another hosting provider if you choose.

-Free 90 day email tech support or questions of any kind.

-Free coding for another PPL, PPC, or Leads brokerage program.

-Free domain renewal for 1 year.

-Complete seo guide with outsourcing methods to ensure you continue to generate traffic and revenue month after month

-Step by step seo method to target more keywords and traffic if you wish to grow the website.

How you get paid:

Currently the PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is setup through insurance.com (Quinstreet) you could switch it to another provider if you wish but I like the options and 3rd party payments with this company.

You will need to apply for a new account (takes 24 to 48 hr) and I will add all the advertisers programming code to the website for the new owner once approved, you will need to update your tax and payment information for the new account in order to get paid moving forward.

Payments are made to you monthly and can be either direct deposit, cheque, or PayPal (its your choice). I recommend this company since I have never had a payment problem, 3rd party payments work best when working with multiple advertisers, plus its easier to track stats on one platform.


What needs to be done (daily duties)?

For the past few years the website shares rankings on Google for its content and through long-tail keywords (view pdf attached) and it continue to do so, you only need to make sure the website is running by checking on it 2 times a week.

I include my outsourcing guide for creating and sharing content, creating YouTube intro videos for more traffic and exactly how I build and continue to create traffic for the website.

You always have the choice of new ways to promote the website; I dont do much with social media as an example, so that could be one new direction for more revenue and growth, or you could target more long tail keywords and build content pages for each new keyword you wish to target. I will include a complete seo guide on how to outsource the link building and the steps I use to target free traffic and continue to generate revenue.

But I want to note and be clear, the website generates money every month on auto pilot, you only need to create, publish, post and share new content once per month to continue this, (I will show you exactly how I do this). This is established monthly income!



Averaging 14,700 page views per month! (email me for screenshots 2017 & 2018)

Traffic is generated by doc sharing, link building methods, niche related forums, article marketing, wikis, high DA content sharing, video sharing, and the current page #1 and #2 search engine rankings on Google!

I will only share the methods I use for building and maintaining traffic for this website with the new owner. (Please do not ask me to share otherwise)


Search Engine Rankings

(Please email me for the semalt.com pdf for all keywords the website currently rankings on Google)

21+ Keyword phases with page #1 rankings on Google!

43+ Keyword phases in the top 30 of Google!

66+ Keyword phases in the top 50 of Google!


NOTE: this website also ranks for the same keywords in the search engines through YouTube for video sharing as well as Vemo, 4shared, Videobash, youmake.tv, etc...

Please check the rankings for yourself, there are other related keywords the website ranks for, as well as variations of the keyword phrases above!

As you can see even with a simple landing page, a low amount of unique visitors, and just 190+ PPC per month you will continue to bring in an average of $1,330+ of passive income per month!


One area I dont put much effort into is social media, so you could certainly look to target this for more traffic.

There is a seo guide included with this website sale in case you wanted to target more traffic and keywords and duplicate what I have done with this website thus generating more traffic and ppc. In the seo guide I outline how to outsource all the work if you dont have time to do it yourself.

Also you can target auto insurance in the UK or other countries, this website is setup for USA based customers and advertisers but you could expand that quite easily.

Niche auto insurance reviews:

A competitive field. A simple website like this gives customers the opportunity to compare, combine, and save on their auto insurance, its saves them time too and the website provide rates from the biggest insurance companies in the USA.

Why are you selling?

I have been doing this work for over 10 years now and its time to sell some websites off as I want to move on a different more challenging career


What you need to do after you win and make the payment:


-Create a domain register account (GoDaddy, etc.) for transfer the domain too (its free)

-Your hosting provider info to transferring the website too, if you dont have one you will need to purchase one, I can help with options and will do the full setup for you.

- You will need to apply for a new affiliate account through insurance.com (takes 24 to 48 hr) and I will add all the advertisers programming code to the website for the new owner once approved.

Thats it. I will migrate everything over for a smooth transition; domain, website hosting, database, and set up the PPC affiliate code for the advertisers. Usually only takes 24 48 hours for this to be done!



Im not experienced with hosting and programing will you switch everything over for me to my hosting and do the coding?

Yes, I will be happy to setup whatever you need to make the sale a smooth transaction and make sure that the website is setup and continuing to generate revenue for you.

After the purchase of the website on Flippa what about the affiliate account with insurance.com?

I will send you a link to apply for the program and help you if there are any delays with approval.

I dont see Google Analytics; do you not have this data?

No, as a rule and for the past 10 years of seo I do not use or install google analytics on any of my websites.

Do you skype or can we chat on the phone?

No, I dont have skype. I like the process and follow the guidelines if you have any questions or concerns you can use their services to contact me through private message, I am here to help but respect the rules outlined for people like me to sell our websites here, these rules and for the protection of both parties.

What if traffic drops in a few months from now, what do I do then?

With the sale of the website I will be including an seo guide that outlines exactly what to do and what outsourcers to use if you find your traffic has dipped, its very easy and affordable to do and I am also just and email away if you have any questions about it. I would like to point out this has never been an issue in the past

I saw all your screenshots for traffic, rankings, and revenue but what if I need more proof and want to try the website out for myself, do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we can use an escrow process that offers you a trial or grace period where you can purchase the website and we can agree to a certain number of days that you can test and monitor the website, monitor traffic, commission, etc. I am more than happy to do this but PM me before you purchase so we can agree upon the number of days for a trial period that works for both of us.

I saw you offer 90 days of email support, what if I am new and need more than this?

If you are a newbie or need more email support than 90 days thats ok, but please message me first and let me know what your needs and expectations are going forward. This will help me anticipate the time needed and will reflect on the offer price of the website, I hope that makes sense.

I look forward to working with you and if you have any other question or need more info about this website or the niche please feel free to send me a message


Site Images

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