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Listed December 29, 2018
Category General
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 120 (daily)
Page Views 350 (daily)
Number of Members: 3,500
Income $6,000.00 per month
Expenses $150.00 per month
Asking Price $24,000.00

2. Executive Summary
POP AD UP is a real time bidding advertising platform that allow end user advertisers to buy directly from over 100+ traffic sources from one dashboard. The platform is 100% self-service and it works programmatically. The demand for such a platform is huge and it is part of the online digital industry that run billions of dollars every month.

Please watch this video:
In order to understand how user build a campaign.

3. Highlights
Why do you want to buy this business?
• You don’t need to invest even a $1 on technology and development, because it was already done
• The business has a big technology company that support you on every aspect you need
• This business is running for over 5 years, and it is quite stable
• Revenue per month are stable between $1,500-10,000 a month, and I do have proof for this statement
• Its super easy to operate it, you don’t need even 1 hour a day
• This business is autopilot
• We did all the hard work for you in terms of design and marketing research
• I will provide a support for 3 months after you buy this business and help you to scale the business to the next level
• The marketing efforts isn’t required a lot of expense, honestly, I almost didn’t spend more than $100 a month to promote this business
• Advertisers that looking for an alternative to advertise on Google Adwords and Facebook, are your audience. Such as affiliate marketers, digital marketers and agencies, media buying and other ad networks
• You will also have a read SaaS to run an advertising network that can connected over RTB to any other SSP, this is a bonus of $5,000 with no extra cost
• This website is easily can be worth for $100,000-150,000 because what it can make.
• This website has active users that deposit everyday money on the websites, you don’t need many users, you only need few users that will keep deposit the money to their account everyday follow the performance of their campaign.

4. Operations
This website only required to run marketing campaign on Google, Bing, Facebook, Push, Native Ads and retargeting,
Answer from time to time emails and Skype chat. Of course, as more you place your time and efforts on the business it will bring more results. 90% of the traffic come from SEO which we did a good work here, you only need to maintain it. You don’t need to deliver anything as there is no product, you only need to bring users to use the platform over and over.

5. Customers

Customer Profile & Segmentation
Our Target audience is advertisers. Advertisers that want to advertise on Google, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain etc… Our advertisers are considered as affiliate marketers, digital marketers and agencies, media buying and other ad networks

Customer acquisition
The method that was broadly used to bring new customers was SEO, Native Ads, Google, Bing and Facebook. mostly social media advertising. Last few months customers are coming in straight from google searches.
Customer retention
We have built an email marketing content funnel, that make the users retarget the website.
The value of a customer is between $200-$25000 profit. We have users that stay with us for years and we have customers that run campaigns for few weeks, most of our customers are return advertisers that need to buy more traffic to their offers.

6. Financials

Average income is $5,000 a month and the average profit is $2000 per month, for no advertising expenses, if you have budget for advertising you should double the income. We have lots of proofs for income from Paypal and we can show them all.

7. Seller Notes
We run this business for few years, this business is a great match for someone or a company that need to build more solid passive income from running this platform.
The biggest advantages of this eBusiness are:
• You have no inventory
• You have no product
• The value of each customer is very high between $200-25,000
o Which means you don’t so many customers
• There is no technology, programming or in advance knowledge required
o We did all the hard work for you
• The business run for years and keep been stable and profitable
• The industry market is online advertising which is value for Billions of $$$
• You have a readymade video tutorial
• Email Automation marketing content and system that was already build and running
• You have active users that keep use the platform
• You can easily return the investment in few months
• Instead of running monetization website, that you are depends on the Adsense, all the money you will make is PREPAYMENT, which means into your pocket with no middle man.
• We will help you on the start to run it properly and answer all your questions.
• You will get a technology and business development option to build an ad network on top of this platform.
• I can make you a live demo in order to show you the platform before you buy.
• You can scale the business by running it on Google Adwords, Facebook, Native Ads, Content promotion and of course on SEO, we did a lot of work for you, you just need to push

• Transfer Stripe/PayPal,Credit Card, Bitcoin
• SendinBlue subscribers
• Full SaaS liecense for media buying and traffic purchase
• Over 3000 registered users on the system
• Over 750 paid customer that can be easily convert back to active paying customer
• Wordpress Custom Theme
• Wordpress Blog
• Saas for running a full ad network with advertisers and publishers
• RTB integration with any SSP/DPS
• Content funnel automation for convert users into paid users
• Ready made landing page to run traffic
• Partnerships with the biggest traffic suppliers on the industry
• Trademark
• Unique content and SEO

Contact us for more details over Skype and Email:
or Skype: live:f5d8bea540e8cf1b

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