Kid's Favorite Toys and Gifts Store

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Listed April 15, 2019
Category E-Commerce
Status Turn-Key Site
Visitors 60 (daily)
Page Views 87 (daily)
Number of Members: 1
Income $3,074.00 per month
Expenses $329.00 per month
Asking Price $37,900.00

This store is easy to manage and is highly profitable. Everything sells for twice what it costs and still manages to be inexpensive for the buyer. I focused heavily on SEO for organic and free traffic. Very little work, lots of extra cash!

I started this business to explore the drop-shipping model of doing business, as well as to make a profit. I knew more and more kid's toys and clothing were being bought online, for instance the closing of "toys R us". Older people are just wanting to type what they want into google. I focused on great SEO that way when they type "kids favorite toys" or "gifts for kids" they'd run into my store. These folks love spending money too, my conversion rate is almost 3 percent.

I've started more recent stores and have to let go of a few of the older ones. I loved this store but I constantly need something new and exciting. Plus I figured this store did really well, it was easy to manage, so it should easily sell for a good price. I'm just honestly too busy to manage so many stores, I have over 5 to deal with.

Fortunately, this store is all done with the drop-shipping model. There is no physical inventory you need to keep track of. All you have to do is click fulfill order and it'll take care of the rest. It automatically orders the product to buyer while you pocket the rest of the money. Which this store has great margins. Essentially I sell everything for at LEAST twice what it cost.


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