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Listed May 23, 2019
Category Business & Employment
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This is a powerful, trending, and future-oriented website offering to design dropship Shopify stores. The site features demo Shopify stores in a wide range of niches for sale. After the prospect selects any of the demo stores, an in-house design team will do all work; from design, linking with a dropshipper etc., on your behalf and forwarding the details back to you to deliver to customers. This is a completely 100% automated business where no experience or expertise is required.This is a readymade business with no competition at all. You can can use this demo sites to sell it on eBay and Flippa also, as a matter of fact,we have created a lot of successful business like this.

The website has a targeted domain name portraying it as an authorized place for sellers to buy a dropship website.We are not just selling this website; we are offering you a business that will generate passive income for the rest of your life. You wouldn`t need any web design or development skills to run the business as the jobs will be outsourced to suppliers at a dirt cheap price. You will earn high profits for each project. With this site 10 Sales accrues between $2999 to $4999 in profit; without a drop of sweat. So Buy it now and grab this lucrative website to start making money online NOW! Donít miss this great chance in this evergreen opportunity, or you'll kick yourself later!

--- Opportunity With Buying This site ---

The dropshipping business model is gaining prominence in the eCommerce retail industry. This is because the idea of selling products without having to stock inventory or worry about shipping appeals to many, especially those just starting out. With no need to invest in warehousing or products, and generally low starting capital required, a dropshipping eCommerce business often seems like a fantastic opportunity for a new entrepreneur.

According to a report by Business2Community, 33% of internet retailers have adopted dropshipping as their primary method of order fulfillment. More so, popular web stores like Amazon, Wayfair, and Sears were reported to use dropshipping. In fact, Amazon said 34% of their sales in 2011 was fulfilled using a dropshipper, and that number has only grown since then. In addition, another report curled from indicates that Shopify hosts over 500,000 online stores in 175 countries in 2018, many of which are owned by dropshippers. Also, 3Dcart Blog reported that approximately 23% of online sales in 2017 were fulfilled via dropshipping, which amounts to about $85.1 billion.Moreover, future forecasts predict the continued adoption of the dropship model. With eCommerce growing by about 17% every year, it's projected that the popularity of dropshipping as a fulfillment model will continue to increase alongside the industry.

You might be wondering how that correlates with the opportunity site offers and its value to you

The fact is that it's hard for many starters to design a dropshipping store and find a great supplier themselves. The majority of eCommerce merchants find that first step is the hardest. 84% of online sellers found that establishing a dropship supplier or wholesaler relationship is the 1 roadblock to starting an online business. (gogo dropship)

These set of people are looking to get a readymade dropship store in their product of interest and will spare no expense to get an HQ designed store already linked to a dropship partner. This is exactly what this site offers and is where the opportunity lies. Grab this site now by using the BIN button!

Fact: In 2012 dropshipping accounted for 34% of products sold in 2011 by e-commerce giant, (Forester Research)

Fact: The average profit of a manufacturer who dropships is 18.33% higher than a manufacturer who uses traditional channels hence promoting the adoption of dropship business. (The Journal of the Operational Research Society)

--- How This Business Works ---

Simply this site offers a set of demo website Shopify stores. Buyer picks a niche that he thinks would be the right fit for him on the website. I will be your back-office taking complete care of your orders at an unbeatable & exclusive rate; just $50. So, I will be your in-house team that will take care of the work.

Within 24 hours, the buyer will receive an email on his inbox where he can sign up as an admin to his brand new online store. Once he logs in, he has access to EVERYTHING. Ownership will be transferred over to the buyer and he can select a payment plan on Shopify.

This business is very easy to scale. You can continue to make sales and not have to worry about delivering the orders, therefore use the BIN button now to grab the site now!

--- Marketing and Promotion ---

Info and strategy will be shared only with the winner. If you promote this site with $50 a day, you can get 3 to 5 sales per day easily.

----- What`s Included In This Website Sales? -----

1. You will get the official site with the 12 sites in it for sale . We will put 3 new stores every month for you (domain name for the 12 websites is not included).

2. Full After Sales Support. You will not be left hanging once the sale is over. I will be there every step of the way to help make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your website is up and running. Your satisfaction is of central importance to me.

Moreover, as your in-house designers who will also make money from this business, you can expect to get full LIFETIME support from me!

3. Great Domain Name That's Easy To Remember!

The domain will be given to you at no cost! The domain alone is appraised to worth $1,201 USD in Godaddy

4. Website designed by our expert designer. ($999 Value)

5. Admin Area to manage your site's content and settings.

6. Our 100% Automated Business Model.

7. Free Site Transfer (worth $50)

Many sellers charge a fee for transferring the site to your host but I`m providing it free! So GRAB IT NOW before someone else snatches it!

----- Reason For Selling -----

I am an expert in building profitable dropshipping businesses I have also the same site make $ 7k a month .

So the site is here for you, built with care and to achieve maximum results. This is one of the best sites you can get now ready to be configured to produce instant cash.

If you attempt to build a similar site by yourself, you may spend at least thousands of dollars before you earn your first dollar. So why don`t you let your success come fast and quick with this 100% automated business?

With a powerful website like this, based on one of the trending business models in eCommerce right now, everything becomes much easier.

If you are looking for a profitable and self-sustaining internet business, then this your opportunity. Even with No to Little experience, you can grab a huge piece of this very successful industry. We are providing you with everything you need to make this opportunity profitable.

Buy It Now and grab this lucrative website to start making money online TODAY!

Don`t miss this great opportunity in this evergreen business!


The information contained in this listing has been provided by the seller and has not been verified by WebsiteBroker. We make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is your responsibility to independently confirm its accuracy and completeness - including, but not limited to, ownership of any website or domain listed here. You and your advisors should conduct a careful, independent investigation of the website to determine to your satisfaction the suitability of the website for your needs.

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