Upshur Basement Finishing & Home Remodeling

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Listed April 18, 2021
Category Business & Employment
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 10 (daily)
Page Views 30 (daily)
Income $500.00 per month
Expenses $12.00 per month
Asking Price $5,000.00

This is a 3 year old REAL Business with #1 local rankings under 'basement finishing Louisville, Ky' and 'basement remodeling Louisville, Ky.' This is a city with a population of 602,000. It receives consistent calls during construction season. Calls are answered by an answering service in the company's name 24 hours, 7 days a week by a live professional. The answering service only charges $1.20 per call and do not charge for wrong number, telemarketing calls.


* Find a local person to partner with and charge per lead.

* Turn into Rank and Rent Model

* Turn into real business

I have an arrangement with a local construction company. The owner has agreed to pay me $500 per lead that leads to a contract. Now, there is an issue with this construction business owner. He only wants to accept business in a particular affluent part of the city. I usually only receive one or two calls a month from this affluent part of the city. He can afford to be selective because his backorder is 4 months; and his business has a reputable name in Louisville. Also, the business owner doesn't want to accept clients in low income sections of the city. The rankings this business holds are #1 city wide! So, it receives calls from every community in Louisville.

****** Bonus*****

I will offer one-on-one SEO coaching via Skype for 30 days. I will coach on the techniques I use in obtaining top ranking for local businesses. I have a paperback book published on Amazon; and I will coach used in my book. This site I'm selling is actually used an an example in my book. I will give you a copy of the my book.

Why am I selling this business?

I'm not very good at cold calling and I also have a speech impediment. The people I was calling did not take me seriously because of the stutter; and I'm having trouble setting up another arrangement to make this system truly profitable for me.

This sucks for me..I know. But, I would like to use the money from this sale to buy equipment for a food truck I just purchased.

If you are a people person and would feel comfortable reaching out to business owner and setting up another agreement along with the present business owner, these leads would be very lucrative for you.

You can sell the leads, rent the site out or turn it into a real business.

This business is actually over 5 years old, as you can see by the Google reviews. I've changed the name of the business 3 times and I've changed the domain name in the listing 3 times also. This has had no effect on the rankings. It has held the #1 spot under those keywords for over 5 years. I'm saying all this because you may want to change the name of the business to a more suitable name.


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