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Listed July 30, 2021
Category Dating
Status Turn-Key Site
Visitors 50 (daily)
Page Views 350 (daily)
Number of Members: 1,800
Income $0.00 per month
Expenses $10.00 per month
Asking Price $75,000.00

For sale: dating website + domain:

Findl Dating is a fully operational, world-wide dating website. It has been fully custom built and designed. The domain has high-ranking relevant keywords for organic traffic.


The website is fully translated and operational in 4 languages: English, Dutch, German and Russian.

Changes to any language can be done in an external translation file, which then can be uploaded and applied in the Admin panel. Additional translations can be added in columns and enabled relatively easily.

The site has a databases of 1225 pre-translated professions and job titles, 226 pre-translated 'character descriptions' and 'flaws', both in male and female version because some languages require this.

The profile forms for Members use auto-complete from these databases, and this allows fully translated Member profiles

Any properties Members put in their profile (like height, hair color, education) is automatically translated to the Visitors language. So Visitors see fully translated profiles in their own language of choice.

Country and culture adaptive

The website uses an internal country database to adapt to country-specifics and cultures. Per country it has been specified whether for example homosexuality or 'couple dating' is accepted, or even legal.

Visitors in such countries will not see any of these options. The website adapts to the local culture.


Users can sign up using their email address, or a Google, Facebook or VK account. Profiles can not be activated until the email address has been verified.

Upon signup, the Member is guided through a wizard to get the basic information: age, gender, sexual preference and relationship status. The Member is encouraged to upload a profile picture.

All Members are required to verify their identity by photo. They are given a random number and are asked to take a photo with this number, for the Admin to verify. This eliminates 99% of all fake signups and scammers.

For the Admin, the follow checks are automatically done and presented in his signup panel to aid in the verifications:

- how many web matches has this photo (done via Google CloudVision API) as a number

- is this IP listed as a known scammer (done via SightEngine API) in %

Additionally, the Admin can see whether this IP address has created any profiles before.

'Stolen Photos' with too many web matches are invisible until approved by the Admin.

Any Member-uploaded photo can be Google reverse-searched by the Admin, if required.

Search & recommendation engine

The recommendation engine uses a custom algorithm to determine the order of search results. The ranking of search results is based on:

- distance (closer is better)

- age difference (less is better)

- question match (higher is better)

- things you have in common (more is better)

- search term match (more is better)

- how close the person is to your 'interaction profile'

These factors are weighted into a single recommendation score ('Findl Match').

Search results can also be user sorted by: distance, things in common, search match, question match and Findl Match.

On the search page the system makes 4 recommendations: best 'overall match', 'best attraction', 'most things in common', 'best question match' and 'closest to you'.

Built-in 'Interaction profile'

When a Member browses the site, an 'ideal profile' is being created and constantly updated based on profiles they visit.

For example, it could be that a male is generally more attracted to blonds, or Asian women around age 30, or Members from a specific country.

This will reflect in his 'interaction profile', and because this is one of the weighted ranking factors, we are able to put his favorite results on top.

An interaction profile has 25 properties like age, height, country, language. When determining how close a search result is to this 'ideal profile', all 25 properties are weighted in to produce a single 'idealness' score between 0 and 100. This interaction profile is not presented to the Members but used in the ranking algorithm.

Pages for Members

For Members, the website has the following pages:

- Discover (sections: Active in your country, popular in your country, new Members)

- Visitors (sections: who you visited, who visited you)

- Flirts (sections: sent flirts + received flirts)

- Swipe game (randomly swipe through photos, mutual like = match)

- Matches

- Updates (sections: My Subscriptions, Notification History)

- Search (search engine + recommendations)

- Filters (to fine tune search parameters)

- Messages (in site real-time chat)

- Profile (user's own profile and preferences, sections: About you, Interests, Photos, Questions)

- Account (sections: Privacy, Membership, Notifications)

Profile pages

When visiting a Member profile, this has the following sections:

- photos

- About me (with profile details presented in Visitors own language. Items matching the Visitors search criteria are highlighted)

- My Ideal partner (a summary of what this Member is looking for. Items where the Visitor matches their criteria are highlighted)

- Things in common (based on profile and mutual interests, for example: same language, same height, same hobby, anything you have in common)

- things outside their criteria (for example: if the Visitor is 50, but the Member is looking for age 20-30, "Age" would be displayed in this section)

- Questionnaire (the list of personal questions displayed with match %)

To boost SEO, all public profile pages are automatically added to the sitemap with their own slug, titles, h1/h2 etc, in 4 languages. These pages generally have a good ranking.


To give users plenty of choice to feel safe and comfortable on the site, they are the following privacy features:

- to enable or disable tracking

- to set their profile to public (viewable and indexable from the outside) or 'Members only' (invisible for non Members)

- to enable or disable messages from people outside their search criteria

- pictures sent in the chat are blurred by default until clicked upon

- enable or disable showing of all profile details to any Member (see 'quid pro quo')

- any chat has to be requested first. The receiving Member is shown a photo with details, and can decide whether they want to allow the chat or not.

'Quid pro quo'

A unique feature is that Members can only see in other profiles as many details as they have filled out in their own.

For example: if you do not specify your body height, you can not see any body height in other profiles. If you do not tell what languages you speak, you can not see this in other Members profile. This encourages Members to make their own profile more complete, so they can see more details in other Member profiles.

Members can still choose to show any visitor their full profile.

Built-in Admin features

For the site Admin(s), the following sections are available for daily moderation and maintenance:

- Home (quick overview and stats of Member count, suspended/active/inactive %, Languages %, Genders %, Countries %)

- Photo moderation (thumbnails with Member info, web matches, and the Member verification photo, approve/disapprove/ban functions)

- Signup moderation (thumbnails with Member info, previously uploaded profile picture, % scam probability, # of web matches, approve/disapprove/ban function)

- Members (the full searchable list of Members, including email, username, gender, age, country, city, language, date, IP and how many profiles they created previously)

- Member profiles (full profile but including extra details like # of outgoing chat requests, # of messages, # of flirts sent/received, # of blocks, full activity log, including signup, email events, activation, etc.)

- Insights (very detailed statistics for accounts, emails, messages, flirts, photos, flags, popularity. These can be cross-referenced by gender, age, country, language or relationship status)

- outgoing email logs

- reinvite older inactive accounts

- full system logs

- language section where changes in language can be uploaded and applied

Admin can maintain signups, verification, photo uploads and moderation. This can be done on a desktop computer, but also fully works on a mobile Android device.

Admin gets mobile notifications of events like:

- new signups

- new photo uploads

- new verification photo uploads

- new account activations

Clicking any of such notifications takes the Admin directly to the corresponding page.

Currently a single Admin can maintain signups and photo uploads, even on a mobile device. Everything except moderating signups and photo's is fully automated and requires no oversight or interaction.

Built-in Affiliate program

Members are encouraged to invite friends, by rewarding new affiliate signups with 1 week of free Premium Subscription.

Members can get or share an affiliate link, and the system keeps track of who used the link to sign up.

After a valid new profile activation (including email confirmation & photo verification) the reward is automatically given to the woner of the affiliate link.

Push Notifications

For push notifications the site uses Google Firebase. For devices or platforms that do not support this, a fail-safe has been implemented by using a Service Worker to poll for data (e.g. new messages, visitors, flirts). Push notifications do not work on iOS.

Web-app & Android

The entire website works in any browser in desktop, as well as mobile. The mobile version is also installable as an app on any platform, by fully complying to the PWA-standard, and by having a correctly working javascript Service Worker and notifications. On Windows, it can be also nstalled as a stand-alone desktop app with push notifications.

Additionally a native Android app is published that works as a native shell using a WebView component to display the mobile version of the website.

Very little additional maintenance is required, since any changes in the website are automatically reflected in the Android App.

The listing can be viewed here:

SEO & Ranking

The website has 80+ static SEO pages divided over 4 languages, optimized for relevant keywords.

Additionally all new public member pages are added in the sitemap in 4 languages.

Currently the site has 2,416 valid indexed pages in 4 languages. The sitemap in automatically created and submitted every day.

So far organic traffic makes up 100% of the traffic, no advertising has been done.

Data from Google Search Console over the past 6 months:

283 page #1 keywords (ranking position 1-10)

215 page #2 keywords (ranking position 2-20)

500+ keywords ranking page #3 and further.

Organically 264K impressions and 12.3K clicks


A review of the website has been published on, and can be read here:


Currently the website costs approximately $10 per month to run, and makes no revenue yet.

The reason for this is that, as a promotion, Premium features were initially made available free to grow the Member base organically.

Once the number of Members has reached a certain threshold, the 'free Premium promotion' can be disabled and users can choose between a (limited) free account, or a paid Premium account. The revenue will be from the paid Premium Subscriptions.

Differences between free and paid are listed here:


Price is not based on current monthly revenue or current member base but on its features, development cost and potential.

The website is a fully custom-built dating platform that in terms of features and usability could easily become a competitor of big established dating websites like OkCupid.


Required to run is a web server with PHP-support, a MySQL server.

The website has been built in PHP, with use of MySQL, CSS, JQuery.

It is a custom built website, no existing platforms or frameworks have been used.

The style of PHP is procedural/functional PHP, not Object-oriented.

It uses the following external services:

- Google Cloudvision for image recognition

- Mailgun SMTP-relay for outgoing emails.

These external services currently cost less than $5 per month.


Page #1 Google ranking has been achieved for the following search terms (depending on location):

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