ThunderUnlock Makes ~7K per/M Unlocking iPhone/other Brands

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Listed April 26, 2017
Category E-Commerce
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 30,000 (daily)
Page Views 376,000 (daily)
Number of Members: 1
Income $7,000.00 per month
Expenses $500.00 per month
Asking Price $24,980.00
URL is a business with a history since 2013, from a wireless store to an online business. After seeing the success of unlocking phones at global scale with the potential of gaining worldwide customers, we decide to close the wireless store and focus solely in mobile unlocking service online. It was easier for the business, and with high returns.

If you are thinking of having an online business Thunder Unlock is the ideal business for you. However, you need a basic understanding on how to use the website backpanel/SEO/advertising works.

Not worry though, since a 60 days training is provide it with the purchase of the website. Teaching you everything there is to know when it comes to managing the business.

A lot of inquires in “how the business generates profit?” well these days around the globe a lot of carriers offer smart phone at a discount price while being stuck in a contract. Also, many second-hand buyer buy a smart phone from others while being stuck using one carrier. Perhaps you might say but “what does it all mean?” When someone buys a smart phone from a company at a discount price or second hand usually they are not unlocked meaning they can only be used by X carrier. So unlocks the smart phone to be used by any carrier anywhere in the world.

Wait a minute? Is this a jailbreak?

Absolutely NOT, our service doesn’t involve third party tools to unlock any phones. We use the official servers within the carrier to officially unlock the smart phone (by IMEI). Meaning the “license plate of the phone called IMEI” is unlocked forever, for example When an iPhone is connected it on iTunes with the non-compatible sim card > iTunes servers detect the phones IMEI > it knows its unlocked then it will activate the phone.

I hope all of it makes sense, if you have questions Skype:

$25K for the business is literally nothing, you usually spend it in education or nice car without real return in your investment compare to an online business that will generate profit. Its common sense, we spend our money in things in our life for no real benefits in return. However, if you spend $25K in one direction toward your future it seems a lot, but the reality you spend more than $25K in worthless things in your life. [Reality Check]

$25K for price of the business is more than a fair price since it generates ~7K per month.

There is work involved about 2-4hours a day, also this is not a money-making machine while you sit back and relax. [Keeping it real]

So, tell me how can I pay for the website? is one the best when it comes for website transaction, because it verifies everything that simple. It takes 24-48hours to transfer the whole website, and domain.

So, tell me what are you waiting for? time is passing and more people are working in the online business making Big! Big! MONEY. One thing for sure is the future is that more people are going to buy smart phones, and they’re always going to need someone to unlock their phones.

Why am I selling the business? It’s simple tell you the truth. Do to the success of the website I saved up a lot and started investing in other things that really doesn’t involve me working anymore. I’m comfortable thanks to Thunder Unlock, I can just go head delete the domain, and the website, right? When you find gold are going to throw it away? Well of course not, this business is very very successful, and I’m still running it. In the end of the day money is money. I rather sell it, and have someone make money while keeping the legacy of the Thunder Unlock going. Who knows maybe you can make it better by generating more profit from including other products and services.

Last words: You can wait in life its ok but don’t wait a life time. In life, we have to take action and risk to produce a residual income that will eventually create wealth over time. People work for others, wake up early do everything your boss says by pushing yourself to get that promotion. However, you don’t understand that you have zero guarantee is just an illusion. What if you woke up early and did your best for you own business, the guarantee is much higher, since you have control. Entrepreneurs don’t work for other but they work for themselves.

Be your own BOSS / Make money / and schedule your time!

No one is coming to hold your hand to show you the way!

Take action! Take Control!

I would like to thank you for reading, and please if you have any questions feel free to contact me. All questions are smart questions, do not hesitate to ask. If you need later date PDF doc or videos let me know.

310 Pages Transaction via PayPal in PDF format June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link

ThunderUnlock Video Ad * Link

Thunder Unlock PayPal 6000+ transactions June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link

BackPanel 6000+ transactions June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link

Instagram 20.9K+ Followers * Link

Send me an email if you need futher info or if you need access to Google Analytics

email: websitebroker at



The company started in Chula Vista, CA in 2013 as a wireless Repair store. After the success of Thunder Unlock on the web. We decided to provide only online mobile unlocking service worldwide.

Thunder Unlock offers customers with the outstanding 5 Stars service!

Like any other business, managing an e-commerce website is comprised of a great deal of work. However, if you dedicate yourself toward success, then you shall have nothing to worry about. (If you’ve the mind set to make money, this is the ultimate perfect business for you)

Rule#1 You must treat clients patiently and provide an excellent customer service. Keep in mind that Thunder Unlock is going to be sold to someone that has expertise in business, the gift of Thunder Unlock ought to prolong, and hopefully whoever purchase it, can keep it in business for years to come.


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