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Website Evaluation and Valuation Guide

We have created a comprehensive guide to help you evaluate a website. This is a helpful guide for buyers who want to determine the value of a website, as well as sellers trying to figure out what their site is worth.

  1. Introduction: What to do when you're just getting started.
  2. Valuation: A website is a business and should be valued like one.
    1. Part 1: Website's Profits and Cash flow
    2. Part 2: Valuing the Assets of a website
    3. Part 3: Valuing a website's traffic
  3. Additional Considerations: Other things to consider when buying or selling a site

Website Valuation Calculator

Here is a beta version of our new free online website valuation tool. Feel free to use it to to get an idea of the value of an established website. We also offer a simple Guide to using the Website Valuation Tool.

WebsiteBroker Articles & Tips

Check out our WebsiteBroker Articles & Tips for industry news, updates and various tips and useful information. We also offer news as to the latest major website acquisitions and sales.

Legal Forms and Business Documents

Start your website the right way with professional legal forms, such as Privacy policy, Terms of use, Web design agreement, Website maintenance terms, and Domain assignments. See our library of forms.

Tips & Suggestions

Be sure to read our various tips and ideas about buying and selling websites.

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