You’re Not Just Buying a Site; You’re Buying a Business

By | March 14, 2012

At the end of the day – after you’ve done all of your domain research, browsed about a zillion domains, and visualized the potential of each domain you’re considering purchasing – success in the field of buying websites is about attitude. We believe that’s what makes our website buyers here at so successful: that go-getter attitude that sees potential as well as actual value.

In fact, we see it so often that we believe we can describe that successful website buying attitude in a single sentence: “you’re not just buying a site; you’re buying a business.”

There’s a much heavier connotation to the word business than there is website. Many people think of websites as easily-disposable properties; not truly worthwhile pursuits. But successful website buyers know better. They know that if they put in the time and effort, a website can turn into a full-grown income-generating business that should not only generate profit like a business, but run like a business.

Here are some ways you can cultivate this attitude within yourself and make yourself a much more successful buyer of websites.

Run a Business Analysis on Potential Sites

Don’t just think about websites as paychecks; think about them as revenue-generators. They aren’t just ways to cash checks online, but instead should be considered fluid parts of all your income-generating endeavors. You should subsequently analyze each purchase’s earning potential before you finalize the purchase. Try to verify the reported numbers if you can. Ask for proof about those numbers, and look for numbers that have been there consistently. The more you treat the website like a business, the more you’ll understand how to go about approaching each purchase.

Be Willing to Create, Not Just Buy

Many businesses succeed not only by acquiring other businesses, but by using those businesses to create new endeavors. It’s not enough to simply buy a website and take over unless that site is already a smashing success – why fix what isn’t broken? But if there is potential to be exploited, be willing to contribute to that potential by being the “manager” of the new site you’ve purchased. This is the key to making sure that you understand that each site’s success is not static.

Build Relationships; Network

Sure, it’s easy to buy a website from someone for the first time; online escrow services help ensure a safe transaction. But that doesn’t mean you should solely rely on new relationships. Be willing to forge relationships with people you frequently buy websites from. Once you start to trust them, you’ll recognize when they have a deal to offer you and you’ll often be able to capitalize on it quickly because of the relationship you’ve already established. Keeping the lines of communication open is important in business – and it’s just as important in the website buying business.

Remember that what drives your attitude isn’t about the sites you find; it’s about you. So put in the work, keep your thoughts positive, and you can start to see good results from your burgeoning businesses!