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Use These Five Criteria to Gauge Your Site’s Value

Judging your own site’s value can be difficult. It’s tempting to use online valuation tools and pick and choose the ones that offer the highest estimations for an accurate asking price on your website. But that’s not a good way to approach the actual evaluation of your site; instead, it’s simply wishful thinking. A better way to go… Read More »

The Newbie’s Guide to Doubling a Website’s Value

Making a website more valuable is not always as easy as it sounds. Sure, here at we recognize that a lot of people are good at this specific skill. They identify undervalued domains and are able to turn them into profitable websites. For some people, it’s not just a part of their business – it’s a way… Read More »

Does the Website You’re Selling Pass the Eyeball Test?

Ah, the eyeball test: perhaps one of the most insightful – if not always 100% accurate – ways to evaluate a website’s prospects. An informal term, an “eyeball test” simple refers to the look and general presence of a commodity, a piece of property, or even a person. Consider the person who comes to the job interview freshly… Read More »

How To Calculate Your Website’s Value in Five Minutes

Just about everyone with a website has probably asked themselves this question sooner or later: if I sold this thing, what kind of money could I expect to make? Of course, listing your site for sale on a site like will tell you the whole story, because you’ll know what you can sell your site for in… Read More »

Website Valuations: Finding the right tool to value your website

If you are making your career in the business of buying and re-selling web sites, then you know just how lucrative this career can be. You could buy a plain web site, add some new features, new pages, some flashy graphics, and then resell it for much more than what you originally paid for it. People do this… Read More »

Valuing Websites by Monthly Visitor Value

Online marketing is all about generating a high traffic towards your website. You spent long hours and sleepless nights in making your website attractive so that large number of visitors views your pages every day. If you don’t know the true value of your website’s visitors then the chances are you are unaware of your site’s actual worth.… Read More »