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Are You Missing These Simple Website Bargains?

Finding a bargain here at isn’t tough – the tough part is finding a bargain that will work for you. After all, we host a lot of websites for sale here; it’s up to you to sort them out and make an offer on the right one.

You’re Not Just Buying a Site; You’re Buying a Business

At the end of the day – after you’ve done all of your domain research, browsed about a zillion domains, and visualized the potential of each domain you’re considering purchasing – success in the field of buying websites is about attitude. We believe that’s what makes our website buyers here at so successful: that go-getter attitude that… Read More »

How Long Should You Wait Before Lowering Your Website’s Price?

It’s the age-old question that people new to the idea of selling websites constantly struggle with: the issue of when – or if – they should lower their asking price. We here at sympathize. It’s not always a comfortable situation when you want to get a website out of your hands but aren’t willing to settle for… Read More »

Five Can’t Miss Signs of a Diamond in the Rough

Let’s be honest: buying websites is not always an easy thing. You might buy one website for its potential only to realize that there’s a reason that potential was never realized. You might buy a website from an untrustworthy owner and find out that none of the statistics they quoted you were accurate in the slightest. At,… Read More »

Website “Intangibles”: What Are They Worth?

You’ve heard of the concept before: not everything that is valuable is easy to measure or clearly visible to the naked eye. It’s true in professional sports (where “intangibles” is so well-used as a catchphrase that it borders on cliché) just as it is in the world of buying and selling websites – not everything can be measured… Read More »

Five Ways to Gauge a Website’s True Value

The Internet’s top domain buyers and sellers have their own secrets for gauging a website’s value, and here’s what they’re not telling you: there is no one secret. In fact, many of the top buyers and sellers online are able to gauge a site’s value not because they’re aware of some spectacular tool, but because they have access… Read More »