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Why Is Your Website Not Selling?

In the western world, buying products and services online is a way of life. It’s become a part of our day-to-day interaction with the economy as a whole, which means there’s a lot of money to be made if you have something you want to sell. The problem, of course, is that your website isn’t selling as much… Read More »

Discerning the Website Sellers You Can Trust

When it comes to buying websites – or anything else for that matter – online, many of us have the same issue: trust. We’re not sure how we can trust the people we’re buying from. We don’t know how to verify what they’re saying is true, and this often leads us to avoid taking action on buying a… Read More »

The Comprehensive Guide to Acquiring Pre-Owned Websites

Getting a new site at a marketplace like might be easy, but that’s no reason that you should ignore the principles of success and start bidding based on your whims. Instead, it pays to have a comprehensive guide to acquiring these pre-owned websites; and we’re glad to help you out in your endeavors. Why? Because it’s important… Read More »

Website Selling and Negotiation Made Easy

For some people, selling and negotiation come easy; haggling is a way of life and a part of everyday social interaction. For others, a more passive approach is far more comfortable – and they might even go out of their way to avoid negotiations whenever possible. They feel this way even if they want to handle negotiations for… Read More »

How to Know When Your Site Isn’t Selling

For some people, the answer to the question suggested by this article’s title is simple: if you haven’t sold your website yet, then the thing isn’t selling. But most of us are smart enough to realize that just because a site doesn’t sell in a week doesn’t mean it won’t sell at all. The real question, then, is… Read More »

Why You Aren’t Able to Sell that Small Website

There’s a lot of action that takes place every day at on a daily basis. People with productive websites list their domains for auction, and highly-discerning website buyers are always looking for an edge.