Why You Aren’t Able to Sell that Small Website

By | September 15, 2011

There’s a lot of action that takes place every day at WebsiteBroker.com on a daily basis. People with productive websites list their domains for auction, and highly-discerning website buyers are always looking for an edge.

For that reason, it’s normal that you expect a site – a site of any size, really – to sell quickly. But if you’ve listed your site up for sale recently and haven’t received any good results, there might be something wrong with your expectations, your site, or both. Let’s take a look at potential reasons your smaller website isn’t able to sell and if any of these remind you of your strategy.

Reason #1: No income. This is probably the most obvious reason your site isn’t generating any interest – because it doesn’t look like a money generator! Instead, it’s so small that it will be a net loss for anyone that is looking to own it simply because of hosting costs, which are usually negligible.

Of course, “no income” is a relative term. Maybe your site generates $300/month – enough to make it well in the green – but an investor is looking for a site generating $10,000 a month. Being a small site can mean getting lost amongst the big boys. So if your site has no income, you’ll want to find another way to stand out from the crowd.

Reason #2: Time. Buyers want to find sites that are worth their time – for many website flippers, small websites simply don’t generate enough profit to justify spending key hours of their day turning the thing around. As the old saying goes, time is money: your site has to offer enough value that it justifies an investor spending not only their money on the thing, but their time as well.

In some cases, timing might also be working against you. If you’re a small site in a niche that’s recently gone sour, your timing is bad. On the other hand, if your timing is right, even a small website might scream “diamond in the rough” for some savvy investor out there.

Reason #3: Being lost in the mix. There are a lot of websites out there, and it’s not hard to find websites like WebsiteBroker.com that feature some of the very best. That’s why it can be easy for a small site like yours to get lost in the mix.

The complication that arises here is that you never know if this is really the case. Some people with bad sites might convince themselves they were lost in the mix, when they really weren’t. Some people with good sites might not realize they simply need to stand out to find some good offers. Whatever you do, make sure your site listing gets eyeballs on it – then you’ll really know where it stands.

It’s important to remember that there can be a number of reasons why a site doesn’t sell. Work to optimize every aspect of your site’s listing so that you look as attractive as possible to potential buyers.