Cutting Ties With Your Fledgling Website Once and for All

By | September 2, 2011

The longer you’ve been working on the Internet, the higher the chances that you’ve been there: you control a fledgling website. Maybe the sales are lagging, maybe the traffic’s waning, maybe the site’s just become a forgotten cog in your otherwise profitable online machine – but whatever the problem, you know that it’s time to hit “eject” and be rid of the website so you can focus on more profitable endeavors.

So selling the site should be easy, shouldn’t it? If you don’t care about the sales price and you just want to cut ties with the website, you should have no problem finding a buyer.

But any good businessman knows that there are sometimes opportunities even in the disasters. Let’s look at how to cut ties with a fledgling website properly – and dump it if need be.

Dumping a Website for Nearly Nothing

Your first option when cutting ties with a bad website is to “dump” it for next to nothing, as a way of ensuring that someone will pick it up for the reduced price and that you’ll have the site off your hands very quickly. In many cases, this can be the exact option you need most because you simply need to get a site off of your hands to focus your time on efforts that are far more worthwhile and, of course, profitable.

The problem with this option is that it doesn’t yield a lot of money. That’s fine for someone who gets a lot of revenue and income from other websites, but what if you need the money and you need to cut ties with a website? Then you might want to focus on one of the following options.

Working the Website Market for a Little Extra Cash

Sometimes, even though you want to cut ties with a fledgling website, it’s easy to see why the site can still earn some money on the market. Your extra time and effort in setting the right price, listing the domain for sale, and reviewing offers (rather than simply taking the first one) can mean that you earn a little extra money for all of your work.

Is this a guarantee that you’ll definitely receive more money if you put more time and effort into the fledgling website? Of course not; otherwise it wouldn’t be a failing site. But if you have the time and enjoy the process, there’s no reason you can’t take a risk.

Now is the Best Time

Whichever option you want to choose in cutting ties with an old website, be sure that you choose as your vendor for selling it off. You’ll find it’s easy to sign up and get your domain listed quickly, earning you access to a number of buyers who are looking for bargains like the one you’re about to list.

Remember that there’s a reason you want to cut ties with this site, and be willing to admit that now is indeed the best time to get rid of it. You’ll save yourself time, worry and aggravation.