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How to Know When Your Site Isn’t Selling

For some people, the answer to the question suggested by this article’s title is simple: if you haven’t sold your website yet, then the thing isn’t selling. But most of us are smart enough to realize that just because a site doesn’t sell in a week doesn’t mean it won’t sell at all. The real question, then, is… Read More »

Cutting Ties With Your Fledgling Website Once and for All

The longer you’ve been working on the Internet, the higher the chances that you’ve been there: you control a fledgling website. Maybe the sales are lagging, maybe the traffic’s waning, maybe the site’s just become a forgotten cog in your otherwise profitable online machine – but whatever the problem, you know that it’s time to hit “eject” and… Read More »

The Benefits of using an Online Broker to sell your Site.

In any type of business transaction, the underlying factor that time is money is crucial. Therefore, your expectations in using an Online broker should not be limited to receiving assistance with completing the transaction, but more importantly to sell your site to the most qualified buyer within a short period of time. As part of our Brokerage Services at WebsiteBroker.com, we will help to… Read More »

How to Make Money by Selling Websites

Flipping websites is becoming the craze because it is a great way to make money online. The internet has become a market for virtual real estate. Websites that are referred to as virtual real estate are very similar to physical real estate. You can build or purchase a piece of virtual property, dress it up, renovate it, and then sell it to the highest… Read More »

Buying and Selling Websites in Today’s Bad Economy

If you are considering buying or selling a website, do not let today’s bad economy slow you down. Internet business is booming! If you look at most of the problems that failing businesses are having, you may find that they do not always apply to the online business you have or are considering to buy. The car manufacturers, for… Read More »

General Tips on How to Properly Buy or Sell a Website

Website flipping is a buzz term for short term investing in websites. Many people worry about buying from a seller who is unlawful and a possible scam artist, but while this is a legitimate concern, it is also likely that the seller is worried about the buyer being less than savory. There are lots of aspects of becoming… Read More »