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Are you Thinking about Purchasing a Website?

If  you are considering purchasing a website, there are many issues that you will eventually factor into your final decision. The journey to this final decision will be based on various challenges and considerations. When you begin this process, you will face the option of whether you should build your own website or purchase an existing site. Each option has advantages and… Read More »

Buying and Selling Websites in Today’s Bad Economy

If you are considering buying or selling a website, do not let today’s bad economy slow you down. Internet business is booming! If you look at most of the problems that failing businesses are having, you may find that they do not always apply to the online business you have or are considering to buy. The car manufacturers, for… Read More »

Adding Value to Your Website

In site flipping, adding value to the site is probably the core of the business. It is the activity that generates income. There are varying degrees and ways of how you can do this, but writing all of them down would be a bit impractical. In this article, we will discuss some of the more well-known and well-practiced… Read More »

Adding Value to the Site you purchased

In flipping websites, you can begin the process of adding value to it once you get hold of a site that meets your requirements. There are many ways to do these and the changes that will be implemented depend entirely on the purpose and goals for the site. Thus, discussion in this article will be limited to the… Read More »