Are you Thinking about Purchasing a Website?

By | June 11, 2009

If  you are considering purchasing a website, there are many issues that you will eventually factor into your final decision. The journey to this final decision will be based on various challenges and considerations. When you begin this process, you will face the option of whether you should build your own website or purchase an existing site. Each option has advantages and disadvantages and your decision will depend on your own individual preferences, budget, skills, and long-term goals. Building your own site can be expensive, time consuming, and requires technical knowledge. If you build a new website with a new domain name, it can take a long time before it generates consistent traffic. A faster way to establish a lucrative online business is to buy an established website.

As a business owner, you will want to purchase a website that already has targeted traffic for  products or services you wish to market. But of course, in reality it is not always that simple. The scope of your search should also include websites, that are also tangentially related to your products or services and can target your customer base. For example, if you make custom greeting cards and are considering buying a website, you might come across one website for sale that is used to sell stationery and another that offers writing services. The stationery selling site can be appealling since you can rationalize that the visitors to the site are interested in stationery and therefore might be receptive to the idea of custom greeting cards. The writing services option might also appeal to you given that you write the verse for each card; you might view the traffic to the site as a potential new customer base.

An online business will not earn a profit without monetizing your traffic. Organic and referral traffic as opposed to paid traffic will increase the value and earning potential of your website. The traffic that a website generates will also be crucial in your evaluation to purchase a site.Websites serve many purposes but they can also be used to generate advertising revenue. One way you can earn money online is by affiliate marketing; that is selling a product or service for another business in exchange for a commission. Another method of monetizing your traffic is by selling advertising  through PPC (pay for click) advertising networks such as Google Adsense and Yahoo. After you have placed their source code on your site, the advertising networks display advertisements on your site, and you will be paid each time your user has clicked on the advertiser’s banners. Another way is advertising through a Pay Per Impression (CPM) program, where you are paid based on the number of times the advertiser’s banner is shown on your site. There are more ways to market your website and create an income stream but you should have a well thought out business plan that fits your personality, goals, ability and knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Are you Thinking about Purchasing a Website?

  1. paul busuttil

    How can I be sure the earning,s etc are true,How can I be sure of the seller,s figures,traffic etc are true..How can I verify?

  2. jahan

    yes how do we know if the owner tell the truth ?

    because sometimes it’s strange they selling website at 4000 euros and the website earn 4000 monthly explain please

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