The Benefits of using an Online Broker to sell your Site.

By | June 8, 2009

In any type of business transaction, the underlying factor that time is money is crucial. Therefore, your expectations in using an Online broker should not be limited to receiving assistance with completing the transaction, but more importantly to sell your site to the most qualified buyer within a short period of time.

As part of our Brokerage Services at, we will help to implement a systematic strategy with clear metrics that measures the success and potential of your site. In order to increase a wider range of exposure to potential buyers, we will market your site on, by providing a free premier listing viewed by thousands of qualified potential buyers and also contact serious buyers that may have interest in your site. We understand that some sellers want to keep the sale process confidential. Once we have analyzed your personal needs and goals as a seller, we can determine if we can best serve your needs by proceeding with the confidential sale of your site.

As soon as we have identified a qualified buyer that has expressed an interest in the purchase of the listed site, the buyer will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the seller. During the course of negotiating a satisfactory price, we will also determine the financial status of the buyer . A diligent buyer will want to conduct due diligence ( review financial data, traffic reports, customer/vendor list, e-mail lists…) prior to providing a letter of intent and/or offer letter . Once we have negotiated an accepted sale price, a purchase contract will be signed by the seller and the buyer. We can also assist in closing, financing, and escrow services. At each important step of negotiating the sale of your site, we will keep you appraised and involved in any important developments.

The fast growing industry of selling and buying online properties can be a very lucrative and rewarding. However, even the sophisticated entrepreneur that has experience in the regular world markets can confront unpredictable traps. As professionals, we will approach the sale of your online business objectively with great attention to all the details necessary to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Our representation and negotiations on your behalf  will keep you focused and emotionally disconnected, resulting in a much better outcome.

Our broker fee is based on the sale being completed. You don’t have to worry about paying any fees up front. If you are thinking about selling your online business, or you have been unable to sell your site to a qualified buyer, please contact us today to find out how our strategic marketing will make the difference in selling your site.