Five Popular Website Niches

There’s nothing website buyers like more than a successful, proven niche – but the truly intrepid buyer is always on the lookout for the next big thing. is home to websites in all kinds of niches, of course, but we want to help steer both website buyers and sellers in the right directions by listing the top… Read More »

Are You Missing These Simple Website Bargains?

Finding a bargain here at isn’t tough – the tough part is finding a bargain that will work for you. After all, we host a lot of websites for sale here; it’s up to you to sort them out and make an offer on the right one.

A Website’s Assets: Worth the Higher Cost?

It’s no secret that the more a website has under its control, the higher it will generally cost. This is the case for businesses and properties all across the world: the more value an entity controls, the more valuable the entity is. But is this a universal principle or simply an adage that is right some of the… Read More »

You’re Not Just Buying a Site; You’re Buying a Business

At the end of the day – after you’ve done all of your domain research, browsed about a zillion domains, and visualized the potential of each domain you’re considering purchasing – success in the field of buying websites is about attitude. We believe that’s what makes our website buyers here at so successful: that go-getter attitude that… Read More »

How Long Should You Wait Before Lowering Your Website’s Price?

It’s the age-old question that people new to the idea of selling websites constantly struggle with: the issue of when – or if – they should lower their asking price. We here at sympathize. It’s not always a comfortable situation when you want to get a website out of your hands but aren’t willing to settle for… Read More »

Five Can’t Miss Signs of a Diamond in the Rough

Let’s be honest: buying websites is not always an easy thing. You might buy one website for its potential only to realize that there’s a reason that potential was never realized. You might buy a website from an untrustworthy owner and find out that none of the statistics they quoted you were accurate in the slightest. At,… Read More »