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Five Popular Website Niches

There’s nothing website buyers like more than a successful, proven niche – but the truly intrepid buyer is always on the lookout for the next big thing. is home to websites in all kinds of niches, of course, but we want to help steer both website buyers and sellers in the right directions by listing the top… Read More »

How to Double-Check a Website’s Hosting Services

Confirming that a site you’re considering purchasing is all it purports to be can be difficult if you’re not used to website purchases. But here at, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone understands just how safe and easy a process this can be – as long as each domain buyer has the right information at hand to… Read More »

A Quick Primer on Online Escrow Services

At, we work hard to make sure that the purchases you make are trustworthy and secure. But that doesn’t mean you should consider the issue out of your hands. Instead, you should try to use online services to help ensure a safe and secure transaction when you buy or sell a domain – and one of the… Read More »

How to Put a Price Tag on your Website’s Traffic

If there’s a single unified currency of the Internet – and we can’t include any actual currency – then it would be traffic. There’s nothing that will “up” the value of your website like having a lot of targeted, consistent traffic on a daily basis. And that’s exactly why so many website owners wonder exactly what kind of… Read More »

Five Ways to Gauge a Website’s True Value

The Internet’s top domain buyers and sellers have their own secrets for gauging a website’s value, and here’s what they’re not telling you: there is no one secret. In fact, many of the top buyers and sellers online are able to gauge a site’s value not because they’re aware of some spectacular tool, but because they have access… Read More »

The Three Most Overlooked Areas of Your Website

Building a quality website doesn’t happen overnight. For the people that drive a lot of traffic to their sites, they’ve either worked on the site a long time or have worked on the Internet for a long time. They’ve taken time to develop their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. The question we like to ask here at… Read More »