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Where Should Your Domain Name Research Start?

The veterans of domain buying already have a routine: when they’re interested in a new domain, they start their research. Maybe they consult Google for all its wisdom right away; maybe they explore WhoIs in order to make sure everything’s on the up and up. But the point is that every good domain buyer – and seller –… Read More »

Three Keys to Building Value Online

We’ve all heard the phrase “building wealth.” But how often have we applied it to our online businesses, our websites, and our online shops? Too often, people forget about what it means to build wealth – or value – on the Internet and simply assume there’s too little wealth to be had to be worth the investment.

Five Tips for Resurrecting Low Traffic Sites

In sports, many fans are most excited not when their teams have been great for a while; they’re excited when their team has seen a turnaround. Having been resurrected from the bottom of the standings to becoming a playoff contender, many sports teams are able to instantly galvanize their fan base and make headlines everywhere. Similarly, those of… Read More »

How Much Should You Underbid on that Domain Name

If you’ve ever bid on anything on the Internet, you know just how crucial this question can be. Scarf on eBay asking for $30? How low can you make an offer without offending the owner and almost certainly being outbid? Chair listed on Craigslist for $50? How low of an offer can you make while still being confident… Read More »

Does the Website You’re Selling Pass the Eyeball Test?

Ah, the eyeball test: perhaps one of the most insightful – if not always 100% accurate – ways to evaluate a website’s prospects. An informal term, an “eyeball test” simple refers to the look and general presence of a commodity, a piece of property, or even a person. Consider the person who comes to the job interview freshly… Read More »

Is It Time To Sell? Ask Yourself These Seven Questions

Here at, we obviously have a vested interest in finding people who need to sell their website. But even we’ll admit that before you do sell your site, you should be sure that it’s the right move for you. If you’ve had an inkling that it might be time to sell an underperforming website – or even… Read More »