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Where Should Your Domain Name Research Start?

The veterans of domain buying already have a routine: when they’re interested in a new domain, they start their research. Maybe they consult Google for all its wisdom right away; maybe they explore WhoIs in order to make sure everything’s on the up and up. But the point is that every good domain buyer – and seller –… Read More »

The Insider’s Guide to Using Keywords to Boost Traffic

Keywords.  They’re one major aspect to SEO and online marketing that many people are simply unable to figure out. Maybe some people figure that the best keywords are the ones receiving the most searches – they assign keywords to their YouTube recipe videos that don’t belong in the niche, keywords like “Katy Perry video” or “laughing baby.”

What Should You Look for in a Domain Name?

It was Shakespeare who wrote “What’s in a name?” He was using lofty language, of course, to communicate some lofty ideas – but we in the domain name industry know just how practical this question can be. After all, if you’re buying a domain name just for its name alone, then the name is everything.

How to Know When to Buy Expired Domains

Buying expired domains can yield a lot of profit potential for the buyer with a shrewd eye. Knowing where to look, where to buy, how much to pay, and all of these other variables is a skill – and while it’s a skill you can learn, it also helps to have a little advice along the way. That’s… Read More »