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How To Use Contests to Promote Your Site

In online marketing, one of the oft-ignored strategies to create a buzz around your site is actually a bit old-fashioned. Some people might even consider it to be out of date. It’s the contest. While many online contests may seem corny or even tacky, you’d be surprised at just how effective they can be at driving traffic to… Read More »

The Insider’s Guide to Using Keywords to Boost Traffic

Keywords.  They’re one major aspect to SEO and online marketing that many people are simply unable to figure out. Maybe some people figure that the best keywords are the ones receiving the most searches – they assign keywords to their YouTube recipe videos that don’t belong in the niche, keywords like “Katy Perry video” or “laughing baby.”

Five Different Ways to Promote your Site

One of the chief mistakes that many people new to the idea of marketing online make is to assume that online marketing is entirely different from traditional marketing.  After all, people figure, if the Internet is so new, shouldn’t it be easy to stake your claim in Internet real estate and rake in the big bucks?