Is It Time To Sell? Ask Yourself These Seven Questions

By | August 31, 2011

Here at, we obviously have a vested interest in finding people who need to sell their website. But even we’ll admit that before you do sell your site, you should be sure that it’s the right move for you.

If you’ve had an inkling that it might be time to sell an underperforming website – or even collect a nice profit on a site that’s done well – then you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to tell you seven questions you should ask yourself.

If these questions don’t help you come up with an answer, well, check your pulse.

Question #1: Why do you want to sell? This is the head honcho question, the one that really cuts to the core: why are you thinking about selling your website? If you have a site that’s taken off monetarily and you simply want to monetize your gains while the market’s still hot, then that’s a perfectly valid reason. If you want to cut your losses on a bad website, that’s a perfectly valid reason as well. What’s important is that you’re honest with yourself and that you actually do have a reason to sell your site. If you find yourself struggling for an answer on this one, then you might have more thinking to do.

Question #2: Does the timing fit your needs? Now that you know why you want to sell your site, you have to ask yourself if the right time to accomplish your objectives is now.   If you want to abandon ship and you’ll take any offers for a website, then “now” is just as good a time as any. If you want to capitalize on a site’s success, it’s good to list your site for sale during the good times. But also pay attention to the domain market and the economy.

Question #3: What does your gut tell you? Sometimes our instincts betray us, but maybe it’s because we aren’t truly listening to our gut – we just believe what we want to believe. If you think you can list a site for sale for $25,000 and actually get that $25,000, then no one here at WebsiteBroker is about to stop you. But if your gut is telling you that you can only get $15,000 and that makes the transaction not worth it, then maybe you’re right after all.

Question #4: Has your site reached its selling potential? Sometimes it might be a good time to sell – but there are even better times to sell just around the corner. That’s what this question addresses: whether or not you can make even more money off a sale with even better timing. You’d be surprised at how many times the answer is “Maybe not, but now’s as good a time to sell as any.” But once in a while you can really use your domain selling expertise to cash in.

Question #5: What will you do with the money? Buy another site? Pay student loan bills? Donate to charity? This is a crucial question, much like question #1, which cuts to the core of the issue.

Question #6: How much do you enjoy having the website? Sometimes the money can be great and there is every reason in the world to sell – but you like your current situation so much that you don’t want anything to change.

Question #7: Why not? Sometimes, it’s the question without an answer that most motivates you to sell your site.