How to Double-Check a Website’s Hosting Services

By | March 2, 2012

Confirming that a site you’re considering purchasing is all it purports to be can be difficult if you’re not used to website purchases. But here at, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone understands just how safe and easy a process this can be – as long as each domain buyer has the right information at hand to make wise decisions.

Some of that information which you’ll end up needing for website purchases include the knowledge of a website’s hosting services. There are a number of questions you’ll want answered in this case: for example, are you talking to the real owner of the website? How much can you expect to pay in hosting fees if you take over the hosting as it currently stands? Will you want to make a change in hosting services?

To answer all of these questions, keep reading this quick guide to double-checking a website’s hosting services.

Why Check?

First things first: why run a web hosting check? What does it matter what a website owner is using for their hosting service? After all, once you make a purchase, won’t you be able to change that yourself?

Sure – as a website buyer, you will have a number of options available to you once you’ve purchased a website. But if you want to verify that all the information you’re getting from the website’s current owner is true, it can’t hurt to verify that they’re being accurate about their hosting information, as well. And once you see just how easy it can be to run a hosting check on a website, you’ll be convinced that it should be part of your standard practice.

Running the Check, Part I

The first thing to do to run a check on the validity of a website owner’s claims is to review those claims in detail. Is there something you might have missed on your initial review? Is there not enough information there? If not, be sure to contact that website owner directly so that you can get their (more detailed) side of the story. This context will be invaluable to you as you run the check on their website hosting services.

Running the Check, Part II

Once you have the owner’s claims ready to go, use a site like to get an idea of which website hosting provider is hosting the site you’re thinking of buying. But don’t stop there. You can then use this information to look up the information about the individual host – including their pricing plans, their features, and anything else they might have to offer. Once you review this hosting plan, you can get a better idea of what kind of “overhead” the site you’re thinking about buying might consume.

Putting it All Together

Once you know how to check a website’s hosting services, you’ll be ready to go. Simply use this information in conjunction with all of your other domain research and you’ll have a better overall picture of what life is like for the website’s current owner – and what life might be like for you once you’ve made the purchase.