How To Calculate Your Website’s Value in Five Minutes

By | August 11, 2011

Just about everyone with a website has probably asked themselves this question sooner or later: if I sold this thing, what kind of money could I expect to make?

Of course, listing your site for sale on a site like will tell you the whole story, because you’ll know what you can sell your site for in the real world.

But let’s say you’re not quite ready to list the site and just want an early measurement of the sales price of your site. What are your options then?

Well, keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how you can properly evaluate your website’s asking price without having to put it up to auction.

Free Valuation Tools

Enter in a Google search with the question posed in this article’s introduction and you’re likely to dig up a thousand different website valuation tools. What exactly do these tools do? Simple: they look up your site’s information – backlinks, SEO listings, etc. – and try to generate an estimated price for your site. Lots of people are absolutely thrilled to find out that the blogs they run with zero traffic are worth about $10,000.

Let’s get real, shall we?

It’s easy to say your site is worth $10,000 – any online tool can do that. But that doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. What if your site only brings in $5 in ad revenue every month? You could hardly expect to sell that site for $10,000, no matter what you’re told.

A good free valuation tool will take money into account, not links. Why money? Well, money is what makes the domain listing world go ’round – people want to sell their sites for money, buy sites that will make money, and swing trades that will make them a profit. In short, people need to know that they’re getting what they’re paying for – and a number of online valuation tools simply don’t do the job as well as they should.

In order to make a profit, the buyers of the world want to see that your site earns revenue, brings in traffic, and does these things on a consistent basis.

If only there was a valuation tool that used these variables…

The Valuation Tool That Uses These Variables

Oh, wait – there is! WebsiteBroker’s own Website Valuation Tool is a great place to go if you want to check up on your website’s value within just a few short minutes.

It will ask you a few details like monthly traffic, ad revenue, and sales revenue – even if your site doesn’t generate any ad revenue but does generate sales revenue, don’t be afraid to put in “0” for a fully-accurate measurement.

The form is easy to fill out, simple to understand, and will generate quick results for you. Is it the end-all, be-all valuation tool? Of course not; the only real valuation tool is the open market, and we have one of those here at as well. So as you start to think about selling your website for a handy profit, be sure to keep in mind.