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Listed October 18, 2018
Category Blog
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 4,900 (daily)
Page Views 4,900 (daily)
Income $1,500.00 per month
Expenses $0.00 per month
Asking Price $85.00

To See Our Professional Website Please Click On:


Auto-Posting News Website + 1000 Articles + Coaching Until You Start Making Profits


this website is powerful & fully developed & optimised to Give a great experience To users , It took us more than one year of creation and development .


The Result : International News Website With Large Audience Everyday + Automatic Passive Revenue will send monthly to your bank account from google adsense With This 100% Successful Business + We'll Go With you Step By Step Until you Start Making Great Profits , It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional .


This is the fastest way to reach a very large audience & generate thousands of dollars each month !


Own your professional news website With More Than 1000 Articles + auto-posting : That means each 1-2 Hours your website publishes for you new trend article automatically without any interference from you ( this magical autopilot script costs more than $ 400 ) + Full Optimised Template Which Shows Very Large Ads = Get high clicks on your ads = Get High Profits , ( this Professional Template cost more than $ 100 ) + Gold Design for your own domain name into this website + Professional Logo and Favicon + Express Delivery Under 24 Hours Guarantee .


Forget the headache of thinking of where to get your posts...or manually updating it daily with news content... because it Works on autopilot. Everyday this website will be published for you , Recent articles that talks about hot-trending worldwide breaking news Which brings a large visits hourly to your website And it will be quickly indexed in search engines . This is the best investment you can make to get your international news website and generate a Great Passive Revenue Every Day .it will save you a lot of time / effort + your website will work 100% for you .


If you are looking for a opportunity to make money on autopilot, this business is a great investment.



============ What you will get ? =============



1- Professional News Website With More Than 1000 Articles .


2- we'll go with you step by step Until you start making profits .


3- Autopilot Who Will Publish For You Automatically in This Website a New Hot Breaking News Every 1-2 Hours .


4- Paid Professional Template that Cost More Than $ 100 .


5- Professional Gold Design For Your Own Domain Name .


6- Transfer the site and data to your personal hosting and setup everything & make the site very professional for you in less than 3 - 5 Hours Guarantee .


7- Automatic Post = Organic Visitors = Automatic Passive Income .


8- 100% Organic Visitors From Search Engines : Google ; Yahoo ; Bing ...


9- Very Easy & Secure Process + No Experience Required .


10- Payment After Website Delivery .


11- Express Delivery Under 24 Hours .


12- Lifetime Guide And Support As a Bonus From Us .



=== How does this business generate revenue ? ===



This business can make you a thousands of dollars per month quickly , from ads in Google Adsense or any other advertising or affiliate company .


with Google Adsense: you will make profits from every CPC and CPM ,

CPC : cost per click ( You'll make profit from every click on the ad ) .

CPM : At the same time you'll make profit on every 1000 visitors visited your website .


In case you want to increase your website profits quickly we will be happy to help you with our special offer ( optional ) .


Special Offer - Bonus :


This is a serious business with a serious strategy 100% Guarantee for serious people only :

Unlike other sellers , we'll go with you step by step Until you reach the level you want in profits from your own google adsense .

we will manage your business & we'll do all for you , approximately you'll get between 40 % to 100 % in net profits to your google adsense On each amount invested.


Simply we drive high quality visitors interested in your website content , these real people browsing your articles then react with your ads . So you will get paid for each visitor visit your website ( each visitor that see or click in google ads ) . then google pays you from google adsense dashboard to your bank account every month .

For Example : if you invest $ 100 you'll get between $ 140 - $ 200 in your google adsense with our powerful strategy, 1000 % Guarantee ! Don't worry we will apply everything for you .

the rule is very logical and simple : more invest in your business = More And More profits .


Please Note :


1- This is an exclusive offer destined to people who bought our website as a bonus from us + You can start investing From $ 10 only , As a minimum , And you will get profits 100 % guaranteed .


2- This offer is optional you can ignore it if you have another plan .



=== I am a beginner ,Do I need any experience to manage this website ? ===



Absolutely Not , Even if you are a beginner or a professional you can easily manage this professional website.


Within 24 hours of service request .. We will give you all login info to access directly to your wordpress dashboard ... this control panel is very clear & simple , you can edit or delete or add any article you want + you don't need to post because our magical auto-posting script will works for you .



==== Are there any expenses for this website? ====



No, we have spent a lot of time to make this website works 100% automatically for you ,without any expenses !



===== Requirements =====


Very Easy : you should have a hosting with domain name to start transfer our website to you . Then just relax because we will do everything for you. Just in case you don't know how to go about getting a domain name and hosting, you can let us know when you contact us Then we will assist you to get both in less than 5 minutes.



==== Very Important Note ====



The price of this V.I.P Service will increase from $ 85 to $ 720 after 3 days only . This is your last chance to get your professional news website with 90% Off + Free Coaching Until You Start Making Profits + more than 1000 articles + professional template + autopilot : automatic post every 1-2 Hours . what are you waiting for ? get your professional news website within 24 hours only , For 90% Off and starting your passive income from ads Today .


save a lot of years & get your professional website 100% ready under 24 hours ! This website works for you every hour without stopping & post automatically the latest world news which have a Very High Search Ratio and brings a very large visits hourly to your website . This will Result Progressive Passive Revenue Everyday .


So this website is a great opportunity for smart investors !






You are with 100% trusted and professional seller , In the past years we have built many successful websites, and we have got a 100% positive ratings from our satisfied customers .


We Offer Also : Payment After Satisfaction And Service Delivery + Lifetime Guide And Support As a Bonus From Us.






Very Simple: To Buy this professional website just contact us in our website contact page  , And we will answer you in less than 24 Hours + We'll Guide you Step By Step And We'll Setup All For you Between 3 - 5 Hours Only .



P.S: If you are too hesitant about your decisions Or If you are not serious please don't contact us .



Contact Us : Click Here To Contact Us




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