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Listed October 28, 2018
Category General
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 900 (daily)
Page Views 22,000 (daily)
Number of Members: 7,000
Income $900.00 per month
Expenses $300.00 per month
Asking Price $7,000.00

Electroneum Faucet

This website is related to the Cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN).

Website has been active for 3+ months.

Domain is 8 months old.

Why buy this website?

-Unique Design
-Unique way to Profit
-Easy to customize without much knowledge
-Admin dashboard with lot of Features
-Many different sources of income
-Very little time needed to Manage

What is needed to keep website running?

This website does not require much of your time to keep running. You will have the power to make it fit your time schedule by readjusting minimum payment amount or/and payment request time. With the current payment settings it is about 15 minutes a day. Of course the more time you spend verifying everything to optimize website could add to profits in the long run.

How much does the website cost to run?

Electroneum Faucet cost about 25-40% to run of your gross profit. There is many factors to consider, it cannot be an exact number. For example, User Memberships will increase the % but will also bring in more profits.

How much does the website make?

Electroneum Faucet is currently makes about 600-800$ USD gross/month. Since last month (september) income has doubled and since (august) it has quadripled. As you can see the income is doubling every month. There is many factors to consider here, for example which Advertising Network you are using and how your Ads are placed or another example would be the price of User Memberships.

I hear this websites has many different sources of income?

Well you heared right! We offer many different ways to earn income for the website, here is a list:

-Faucet (with jackpot and bonus)
-Offerwalls (10+ different walls)
-Memberships (free/silver/gold/platinum)
-ShortLinks (user visit links)
-Mining Game (user invest to mine)
-Lottery (tickets)
-Convert (website currency to ETN, 1% fee)
-Referral Banners (you choose where and which ones)

We keep adding new ways or upgrading current ways it is up to how much time you can spend doing so or if not savvy in coding then how much money you can spend on adding new ways. Easy ways are adding shortlinks, games, offerwalls.

Where does your Traffic comes from?

To be completely honest with you, most comes from Google search. People search for electroneum faucet and we pop #1 rank in Google, easy peasy. Another great source we have is our Referral System for our users, this system brings a lot of users. Other sources of traffic are advertisement, but this one is up to you. Why is it up to you? Because the more you spend the more users will come (fast), although users are already coming in for free (average 20-50+ users a day).

If this website is profitable as you say, why not keep it?

I will be honest with you, I do not mind keeping it as it is increasing it's income very quick, but I would love to build other websites and make better and better websites related to crypto. This one was unique because there was no other faucets available for ETN when I created this website. Since it was the first ETN faucet it ranked #1 on google easily and fast. I will not let it go for dimes but I am willing to move on and let someone profit from this website! Remember it is growing as you are reading this!

What would be the process of buying/transferring webite?

First, we would have to agree to a price that is fair for both of us.
Second, we would have to agree on what I would offer and what you would need done.
Third, we Escrow the money and the website domain/host/files.
Fourth, we make the transaction when both agrees to the deal.

Any additional information not explained here can be requested by buyer.

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