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Listed December 23, 2018
Category Sports & Leisure
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 50 (daily)
Page Views 250 (daily)
Income $4,000.00 per month
Expenses $10.00 per month
Asking Price $4,900.00
URL http://www.capitalsportspicks.com


CapitalSportsPIcks.com is a membership site that provides professional sports picks for the follwoing sports based in the US: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, Tennis and more. We have a posted lifetime winning record of over 62%, which in the sports betting community is considered very competitive. The site has made consistent sales from free traffic over the last 20 months, and is almost completely automated.


The owner has a relationship with a professional sports capper that provides the picks on a continual basis. This will continue on to the next owner so there will be no downtime. It costs $300 a month and is the bread and butter of the business. If you have the ability to provide clients with your own solid sports picks, then you can shave this expense and increase monthly profits by $300 instantly.


The site takes literally 10 minutes a day to run. The only thing you'll have to manage is posting the days picks and grading the previous days picks. The website is automated which makes maintenance even easier day to day. Customer service questions ocassionally come across. People are generally happy with the service with zero refunds since inception. The site was built with a custom admin platform which makes managing the site straightforward and simple. The owner is providing full training for 30 days after the sale.


Currently there is no affiliate program in place. Implementing one would be a solid strategy to grow the business as the sports betting niche is tight knit with a lot of demand, and word of mouth is strong - customers often refer their friends.


- Domain - capitalsportspicks.com - free push from GoDaddy

- Website files and free transfer to hosting of your choice

- Rights to all contents and graphics

- Professional Email address

- Client list (2000+)

-Maintain relationship with current sports capper

- 1 month of free training and support


Total profit for the past 20 months is $83,710 for an average of $4,185 per month. These numbers are verified and are straight from the owner's merchant statement. Please email: capitalsportspicks@gmail.com for more information.

There are currently 9 paying customers older than 3 months. 6 of which have been subscribers for more than 6 months. On any given month about half are new. The site converts well on free and targeted traffic.


Sports picks cost $300 a month, so you never have to do this on your own unless you want to. Other than this there are merchant fees and hosting costs.

The owner put a good amount of work and money into the website during the launch phase back in March 2017. Subscribers login in to view picks which is a valuable time saver.

To make a bid or reach out with any questions contact: capitalsportspicks@gmail.com.


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