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Listed February 14, 2019
Category E-Commerce
Status Partially Developed Website
Visitors 12 (daily)
Page Views 0 (daily)
Income $0.00 per month
Expenses $30.00 per month
Asking Price $1,300.00
URL http://tmwitch.com

This shopify store comes with a short, simple domain that has already been purchased (TMWitch.com) and an instagram account (@TheModernWitch.store) that has a small but very engaged following.

1. Seller Bio

Hi, my name is Nikki and I'm a student. This is my first e-commerce store, which I put a lot of hard work into.

2. Executive Summary

This business is a very low-risk, somewhat established dropshipping store. The website offers magick/metaphysical/spiritual products ranging from $3 - $110. There are 36 people on the newsletter list. This business is under the basic Shopify plan which is $30 a month. Everything is already set up, we will just need to transfer the account. All items are from Aliexpress and Oberlo. This business comes with a small but very engaged instagram page with 330 followers.

3. Highlights


- Professional, clean looking website with high quality pictures and LONG informative product descriptions

-Site includes newsletter sign up, help button, search bar, etc.

-Good traffic, 36 mailing list subscribers, 330 instagram followers (avg 60-80 likes per informational post)

-All graphics and content used on social media are made very easily in free app

-You will not have to pay for the domain, I already purchased it

-Very niche and unique, targeted demographic but also appeals to many types of people that are into meditation, spirituality and witchcraft.

-In the beginning stages, has a LOT of potential

-FREE support for as long as you need. I will teach you how to make the graphics and posts (they take about 5 minutes), I will explain the basic "witchcraft" terminology to you to communicate with customers, and answer all questions for as long as you need.


-*******Little competition: there are some Instagram pages that are similar to the one for this site that have 10k, 20k, & 30k+ followings that are engaged, but I have only seen a few. This shows that there is room for improvement and a demand for these products, but I do not have the resources to get it to that stage.

-Experiment with email marketing (which is HIGHLY effective). I have not sent a single email to the subsribers, so you can do that in any way you wish to.

- You could make a Pinterest board, Facebook, Twitter, and promote on those, as well as running Facebook ads and Google ads (these are all things that I have not done with this site)

- *******You can use Youtubers / Influencers like Stargirl the Practical Witch and Harmony Nice to promote this site. I have tried influencer marketing on Instagram which worked amazing, but 100% would promote with Youtubers if I had the time and money.

- Since this site is in its beginning stages and has only been live for 3 months, you can completely change the aesthetic, or make huge changes in any way you would like. This is something you cannot always do with larger, more established businesses.

4. Operations

The hours per week greatly varies depending on what you are looking to do for this site. Researching and creating a good post on instagram takes about 5-20 minutes. Fulfilling an order takes about 5 minutes through Oberlo. It is really up to how long you would like to spend marketing and promoting.


This is a great, niche website for anyone who is good at marketing and has basic dropshipping knowledge. It has been doing alright for a site that just kind of sits there and has some Instagram engagement, but has HUGE potential for someone who knows what they're doing.

Learning about witchcraft, the products, and all the terminology can be a bit hard, but I have done all of the research and can explain it to you thoroughly to make this transition very easy for you. I offer free support for as long as you need it and will be available to assist you and answer questions for as long as you need.

I have put many long hours into creating this site, but as a student I unfortunately don't have the resources, time, or money to transform it into what it could have been.


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