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Listed June 3, 2021
Category Health
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 50 (daily)
Page Views 50 (daily)
Income $0.00 per month
Expenses $0.00 per month
Asking Price $89.00

▶️ Seller Bio
I'm a Google Webmaster Specialist and a passionate blogger. I work closer to SEO copywriting and SEO-tech troubleshooting support. I started blogging 3 years ago and it becomes an important part of my life now.

▶️ Website description is a niche blog about mental wellness, mindfulness and success mindset. Domain was registered in March 2021.What Special?

- On-trend niche
- 13 clone articles
- Catchy feature images.
- Important tools implemented: Google Analytics + Google Search Console.
- All necessary plugins are already installed

▶️ What is included in this sale?
- Domain name [] – GoDaddy appraisal of over $762
- Website files, source code and content, including 13 articles.
- A premium Genesis theme embedded, valued $59
- Gmail account
- Instagram account
- Google Analytics account
(PLEASE NOTE: Hosting plan NOT included)

▶️ How does it make money?
- You can run Google Adsense in the future. (guiding provided)
- There is a built-in shop store in the theme, site owner can start building their own shop.
- Site owner can start adding Affiliate links related to yoga equipments, apparels and accessories, or mindfulness, yoga courses and books, etc.

▶️ Why should someone buy this business?

This is an evergreen and on-trend niche has a lot of room for growth if the new owner wants to pursue that. is also a lucrative niche once you're qualified for Amazon and other affiliate networks.
>> ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ EXTRA BONUS ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️<<

Extra bonuses without any extra cost for early buyer:

- 100 beautiful Canva template
- 3 legal pages of $197 (Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions) written by a lawyer.
- All-in-one Migration Pro Plugin $69
- SEO copywriting guide (if needed)
- Google Analytics data reading guide (if needed)
- Google Search Console guide (if needed)
- 2 weeks tech support
▶️ Business Strengths
- Evergreen and lucrative niche with the high valued and right keywords in the domain
- GoDaddy appraisal of over $762
- Easy to potentially monetize from different sources (Ads, affiliate marketing with various business, sell online products, sponsor posts,...)

▶️ Opportunities for a new owner
- Introduce further revenue streams
- Build backlinks to get organic traffic
- Sell courses/couching programs/products related to the niche
- Generate new articles and apply in various Affiliate network to start making profit.
- Sell e-training/products related to the niche like; yoga apparels and equipment, mindfulness book, online courses, etc


The information contained in this listing has been provided by the seller and has not been verified by WebsiteBroker. We make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is your responsibility to independently confirm its accuracy and completeness - including, but not limited to, ownership of any website or domain listed here. You and your advisors should conduct a careful, independent investigation of the website to determine to your satisfaction the suitability of the website for your needs.

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