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Listed December 6, 2021
Category Business & Employment
Status Fully Developed Website
Visitors 200 (daily)
Page Views 500 (daily)
Income $5,000.00 per month
Expenses $10.00 per month
Asking Price $500.00

We are providing complete automated website selling business for just $500

It has more than 500+ website ready for sale and each sale worth on average $19 to $30 and it's pure profit.

There is also a $100 commission from hosting company, as those clients who these ready websites they also need hosting.

All the websites are also integrate with affiliate links, which generates extra commission from there. There is also extra income from ppc ads too.

So I thought of sharing a similar website with you for a reasonable price.
If you are interested we will provide a complete website as with pre build ready websites which is approx 500+ sites.

It won't cost you much, just $500 with a complete primary website as and 500+ ready websites.

Profit example :

1. If you just get 1 website sale a day that's 30 sales a month which is approx $570/month
2. There are 500+ websites monetized with clickbank product if each sites just bring $5 per month that's $2500
3. If each site brings just $5 profit from ppc ads per month that's $2500 per month. So you can see the potential.

The clients who purchase these website they return and buy more websites, main reason is the website are very cheap priced and can be monetized with multiple monetizing method.

If you are interested then it will cost you just $500 with the following. ( Extra )

1. New well researched domain relative to the niche website. ( $15 per year for the domain )
2. Complete 500+ website will be installed in unlimited hosting server which will cost just $10 per month or $120/year with free domain.
3. A main single domain to host the demo website, demo website will be installed in sub domain, so just 1 domain is enough.
In total = $500+$15+$10= $525

We will also guide you how to promote it and generate sales.
This website is also integrated with affiliate system, so if you just focus on
affiliate they will do the promotion for you for just a fraction commission.

This website works fully automated you just need to focus to promote rest all are automated.

* When a client make a purchase they will get a auto download option to get the files and installation Information, if they need installation help there will be a link given for installation support person who will charge $5 per website installation.

So you don't have to give time on installation nor any support. 

There will also be a subscription button in all the 500+ websites and the main website, so you can also collect leads from them for your own marketing.

If you are interested, reply me.
Or contact me at [email protected]



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