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Listed May 31, 2022
Category E-Commerce
Status Fully Developed Website
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Income $0.00 per month
Expenses $6.00 per month
Asking Price $150.00
URL http://tooxit.com

This site is suited for the beginner entrepreneur in the Marijuana / CBD industry. It is build on  a fully customizable WordPress platform. One of the key values are its pre loaded articles, videos and affiliate products. The affiliate products are pre loaded from several different affiliate partners. This gives the beginner online seller more stock in their website to fit along with their possible hand made products.  Also you do not have to stock these affiliate items as they are shipped from the seller and you get a commission.
For instance, entrepreneurs who make their own CBD bath balms can feature their product ahead of the affiliate products or completely leave them out.

The site is configured with the following functions:
1. Fully functional ecommerce store that can sell any of your physical,digital or dropship products as well as the affiliate products that are in the store already.

2. Website membership function , with member pay option.

3. Live cam chat. This is a free non private application

4. Public open social chat room in the website sidebar

5. And my lovely voice feature

Questions and answers:

1. How do I get paid from the affiliate sites?
Answer: Each affiliate product will have a special coded link that credits your affiliate account. When a viewer clicks the "BUY NOW" button on your site it links them to the affiliate site to complete the purchase. You receive commissions from customer purchases that where initiated from the affiliate links on the site.

2. Where does the money go?
Answer: It goes directly to your paypal account. All it needs is your email. I can show you how to check your paypal email for payments

3. Do I need money to start this?
Answer: You will need a hosting account which is about 5 dollars monthly to hostgator, bluehost or any hosting of your choice.
You will also need to pay roughly $12 yearly for your domain name.  Setup service does not come with this sale. Please let me know if you would like setup for $75

4. Does this site have original content
Answer: no it does not. It has a curation of youtube videos related to the subject.  This in turn gives more exposure to the YouTubers channel.

5. Do you plan to sell copies of this site?
Answer: Yes.

6. How much support is offered with this sale?
Answer: Setup service does not come with this sale. Please let me know if you would like setup for $75 I will do minor customization setup to your business. After the set up is completed I will give 30 days of support service.

7. How do I get sales to the site?
Answer: This is where your entrepreneurial and marketing skills take over. Its all about your ability to get it out to the right eyes on social media and search platforms. Lots of tips on you tube on how to market your online products.

8. Does the domain name tooxit.com come with this sale?
Answer: No it does not. You will have to have our own domain name.

9. Are you the original builder/designer of this site. 

Answer: Yes.

Below is a broad list of moving pieces that the business site owner should be aware of to operate smoothly.

Below is a list of a minimum of 5 accounts to be aware of and how these accounts will be transfered to you.

1. Domain account - We will be following the proceedure in this link to transfer the domain to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsFiYbuD4wg

2. Hosting account - you will need to purchase your own hosting account. Your hosting account holds your websites database and site files to publish to the outside world

3. Affiliate accounts (this could be multiple) - The site can have products from multiple affiliate sites. Together we will go over each account to ensure that they are under your ownership.

4. payment accounts (this could be multiple) - You can have multiple payment methods. Suggested payment methods are Paypal and Stripe. Of course you will need to set up your own payment methods

5. Google account - If you do not have a Google account to use for this site I will set one up for you. The distance calculator uses the Google maps API to calculate. Also Google Business is realy a must have tool to advertise local businesses.


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