Build a Lucrative Career with Websites

By | January 27, 2009

One of the ways to make money with websites is to flip websites. You may have heard about or seen those television shows that buy run down houses, fix what’s wrong with them, slap a new coat of paint on them and do a little decorating, and then re-sell them for a much higher asking price. The concept is exactly the same when you are flipping web sites. You do not have to have an expansive knowledge of web site design to do this, and you can even employ someone else to do the designing for you. Reputable online marketplaces allow you the opportunity to get a feel for the market and search for various categories of good but affordable sites within your price range. Once you have purchased a site, you must increase its value and appeal to potential buyers by improving design, increasing revenue, and traffic. You should list your site for sale in established marketplaces to get exposure to serious buyers.

You may consider starting or buying a community driven website. These sites are built to cater to a certain group of people, in the hopes that those people will populate the site and keep coming back every day. You can generate advertising revenue from products and services that target  your community.

If you feel confident in predicting popular trends in your community or nationally, then you might want search to buy sites that are in a popular keyword niche, or keywords, websites or products that you feel will become popular in the near future. This venture may be a bit riskier than the others, but could pay off more.

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