Advantages of Buying a Website and Buying a Site Specifically to Flip It Quickly

By | April 15, 2009

When you are looking to purchase a website to flip, you will want to look for a site that has potential but is priced low. A perfect site would be one that is not living up to its potential. The product may be good, the domain site name may be good, but perhaps the site is difficult to navigate. The buttons may not work correctly and if the links go to dead areas, they are not productive. But they are fixable. You will also need to consider whether the search engine and key words are being used correctly. Evaluating a website for purchase is not much different than evaluating a house you are thinking of buying; if the foundation is good, you can fix the problems and still have room to build.

If you find and purchase a website with potential, the first thing you want to do is to optimize the function of the search engine. Be sure that you are getting the most value from the keywords you use and pay per click advertising. Revamp the website. You need to have all of the buttons working and you want the pages to flow easily. Make sure that all of the links you provide are working correctly. The website must be easy for the customer to navigate and it must be pleasing to the eye. Be careful that the background is not too busy and that the text is easy to read. A yellow background and a pink text may look great with the theme you are using, but the customer may not be able to read the information easily. Do not attempt to fill every bare space; you may end up confusing your customer or making them feel inadequate because they are afraid they may be missing valuable information. Your information should be current and you will need to monitor the site to keep it fresh. Keep in mind that you are attempting to increase the traffic on this website, and build revenue. You need customers and visitors and you need them to want to spend time on this website.

Next, advertise the website. You not only want to advertise online by using pay per click advertising, banners, graphics, and flash; you will need to do local advertising as well. Get your information out there. You can make up fliers to distribute locally to anyone who may potentially use your website and you can also utilize business cards and mailers. It is very important to get the message out that your website has something the customer needs to learn more about.

As your website continues to grow, it is important to keep records of that growth and what it is costing you. It will not only be helpful when you begin to think about setting a price on the website, but your potential buyer will need to know how much profit the website is generating and it will help you to point out just how lucrative the business could be. A buyer will also want to know why you would want to sell a booming business, be honest. If you are a person who takes more pleasure in working to establish a business than in the day-to-day maintenance that a business requires, that is a reason a buyer can understand. They will probably ask if you are planning on flipping another website, so be prepared with your answer. Are you considering a website with the same type of product, adding more competition? Or are you considering something new to you? Are you planning on making yourself available to the buyer for questions after the purchase? How much are you willing to do? Make sure that all of the terms are stated clearly on the contract and both you and the buyer agree to them. It is worth your while to make this a pleasant transaction if you are planning on flipping other websites. In some cases, a known reputation for success can clinch the deal.

Flipping websites has the potential to bring you lots of money and great success, but it will take energy, effort, and imagination on your part. It can be very exciting and the tricks you learn in marketing and website building can lead to new opportunities and great rewards.