Website Flipping: How Can You Make a Profit Quickly?

By | December 16, 2011

There are a lot of people in the world of website buying and selling that aim to build long-term companies with a consistent online presence. Website flippers are not part of that community. Instead, website flippers are people who are looking to turn around a low-traffic website and turn it into something far more valuable. The goal?  Profit.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach, of course, because in the meantime a lot of under-utilized sites are often built into something much greater. Website flippers with an eye on selling these sites know how to create quick value. That’s what you’ll have to learn if you want to be a top-tier website flipper at So how exactly can you master this specific skill set? Here are a few top-level concepts to keep in mind.

Buy Low, Sell High

This old adage in investments holds up even on the web, where making sure that you take almost a “pawnbroker” attitude to buying websites will help you stay vigilant in not ever paying more than a website is worth. The first key is to buy low, which means that you shouldn’t only look for great deals and discounts, but be willing to “lowball” many of your offers in order to secure a high profit margin for yourself.

The other side of the coin is to sell your websites high, which means that you’ve got to do two things: improve the value of the site itself and convince someone else that you’ve improved the value of the site. This involves both a knack for building websites and earning new traffic, as well as a seller’s mindset of closing a deal with a prospective customer.

In the end, what you and the other parties agree to is what your profit margin will look like. How low you can buy the site for and how high you can sell it for will determine your overall success as a flipper.

Making it Automatic

Of course, we talked about making this flip happen quickly. So how do you get the entire process of website flipping down to a science? The most obvious answer is to gain experience – and there’s nothing you can do to speed this up except to take a lot of action in website flipping.

But there’s something else to the whole concept of experience we’ll want to address: learning from your previous mistakes. You see, experience doesn’t matter a whole lot if you keep repeating the same tired process over and over again. You’ve got to refine your method, building on successes and eliminating failing techniques. The more you hone this method, the more “automatic” your website flipping process will be.

Does this guarantee a great result every time? If only that were the case. But like all skills, if you get good enough at what you do, you can perform at it reliably and consistently – and this means you can make a lot of money on a regular basis doing what you enjoy doing.