Avoiding Scams and Frauds when Buying and Selling Websites

Owing to the relative anonymity of cyberspace, scams and frauds are also reaping profits on the Internet, often directly competing with legitimate online businesses. If you go into the site flipping business, you will undoubtedly come across some of these types, and it would be to your advantage if you keep in mind the following tips to avoid… Read More »

Site Flipping Demystified (Easy Steps to Flipping Websites)

Site flipping, or simply the buying and selling of websites, has become a profitable way of earning from the Internet. Similar in many ways to real estate buy-and-sell businesses, flipping sites basically involves the same processes and methods: finding a site (house) to purchase; negotiating and completing the sale; adding value to the site (house); and finding a… Read More »

The Basics of Website Flipping

Website Flipping is all about turning another man’s trash into your treasure. Surely, you are familiar with TV shows that involve an entrepreneur buying a wrecked car, giving it an overhaul and then selling it for major profit? This is exactly the way website flipping works, except you are not transforming cars, but websites.

Introduction to Buying, Selling and Valuing Websites

I. Buying and Selling Websites The Problem So. . . you’ve worked hard at building a web site from scratch. You started back in 1995 in the web’s “early days”. You built content, built the databases, designed graphics, and wrote software. You promoted your site every chance you got and added e-commerce to generate revenue. The last years… Read More »

Buzznet acquires Stereogum Music Blog

Buzznet, one of the leading social music communities announced that it acquired Stereogum  – a music blog. There are no details about the deal.

Internet Brands acquires 5 websites

Internet Brands, which operates community and e-commerce websites, announced that it acquired five  leisure-related websites in its consumer Internet division. The largest of the sites, FitDay.com, is a online dieting and fitness sites, three other sites (HighDefForums.com, HighDefDigest.com and AVRev.com) target  the rapidly growing consumer interest in high-definition home entertainment, while the fifth site, VetInfo.com, features extensive content… Read More »