7 Factors to Determine a Website’s Value

Determining a website’s value is required if you want to get into the business of buying and selling sites for profit. There are various factors used to determine a site’s value. Knowing these factors can be crucial to your success in the venture. Here are some of those factors:

The True Value of a Websites

When selling or purchasing websites determining their true value is important, especially if the value of your website is less than $500,000. It is recommended that that you should first decide the right asking price. Most of the people get confused when they are involved in buying or selling the websites, since they are unable to differentiate between… Read More »

Preparing your website for sale

After your newly-revitalized website is back in the game, when and how you sell it is entirely up to you. If your site is a hit, someone may proposition to buy it with an offer you simply can’t refuse. Or if that doesn’t happen, you may post a Site for Sale notice on the site itself to make… Read More »

Promoting a Website Sale

Site flipping involves buying an old site, giving it an upgrade and then selling it for a profit. In this article, we will focus on promotion. Once you have a revamped site, who are you going to sell it to and how are you going to sell it? Here are a few tips:

Adding Value to Your Website

In site flipping, adding value to the site is probably the core of the business. It is the activity that generates income. There are varying degrees and ways of how you can do this, but writing all of them down would be a bit impractical. In this article, we will discuss some of the more well-known and well-practiced… Read More »

Adding Value to the Site you purchased

In flipping websites, you can begin the process of adding value to it once you get hold of a site that meets your requirements. There are many ways to do these and the changes that will be implemented depend entirely on the purpose and goals for the site. Thus, discussion in this article will be limited to the… Read More »