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By | May 17, 2008

Site flipping involves buying an old site, giving it an upgrade and then selling it for a profit. In this article, we will focus on promotion. Once you have a revamped site, who are you going to sell it to and how are you going to sell it? Here are a few tips:

  1. Feel the market – before going ahead to sell, you need to get a feel for market behavior. This will help you anticipate just how much promotion you will need to engage in to attract buyers. How exactly do you get a feel for the market?Well, the best way to learn how the market is going to behave would be to become part of the market. Go online, start talking to people about what they want. of course, before you started the flipping process, you should have had a rough idea regarding who your target market would be, but market behavior is fickle and you could lose a market overnight.
  2. Forums and blogs – remember that the internet has niches for people with different interests. This means finding your target market would be pretty easy. Learn to lurk on forums and other types of sites and talk to members to promote the site that you are selling. Promotion on the internet is all about making personal connections. The technology is actually isolating enough without adding too much commercialism.People on the internet today can actually spot commercialism pretty easily and that fact can ruin your promotion.
  3. Do not spam – spamming not only gets ignored, it gets you negative publicity. If you spam on sites in order to promote your sale, you will most likely end up banned, unable to contact your target market at will.
  4. Use listings – In promoting your site sale, why not go where people looking for sites usually congregate? Listings are excellent sites to promote your sale as you know that people who go there are either buying or selling sites. This means you will be able to contact those who would have the resources and the desire to purchase and acquire your revamped site.
  5. Establish a reputation – you wouldn’t want to purchase a product which has not been tested, would you? The best thing you can do to promote a site sale would be to test out the revamped site for a time. This actually increases its value as more established sites tend to increase in ranking and have more traffic. You would also be able to prove that the site can bring in more income.When you have established a reputation and have proven the site to be profitable, you not only get more people eager to buy it, but you actually get a better idea of what its worth. Actually, you might end up not selling the site, depending on how good a job you did.

Getting people to buy a product starts by informing them regarding the existence of such a product and these tips can help you.

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