A Few Things to Consider when Buying a Website

Large numbers of websites are being sold over the web. Buying a website can be an interesting experience but you must look out for some of the pitfalls. Sometimes, certain sellers may approach you with a valuable deal. On other occasions you may be disappointed by the quality of the websites being offered for sale. There are no… Read More »

Developing Websites for Sale

Today, selling websites has become a popular business over the internet. With this rapidly increasing business a new online market has emerged, which is known as virtual real estate. This virtual real estate consists to all the websites that you own on the internet. Many webmasters, developers and computer gurus are now interested in different ways of investing… Read More »

Seven Strategies to Consider when Buying a Website

The advantage of buying a website is that you do not have to establish an audience and wait for search engines to index the website. Majority of the webmasters will understand the benefit of link exchanges. Even those webmasters who are not well conversant with their SEO understand this. It is very important for every website to have… Read More »

Valuing Websites by Monthly Visitor Value

Online marketing is all about generating a high traffic towards your website. You spent long hours and sleepless nights in making your website attractive so that large number of visitors views your pages every day. If you don’t know the true value of your website’s visitors then the chances are you are unaware of your site’s actual worth.… Read More »

Factors to Consider when Selling a Site

If you have a site to sell, then you might need some help. There are a lot of factors that one should consider before starting a transaction. Keeping these factors in mind would not just help you get profits, but maximize them. Here are a few things you have to think about:

Finding, Evaluating and Buying a Site

In order to successfully make a living from flipping websites, you need to learn where to find the sites which could earn you nice profits, how to objectively assess the price for the sites you’ve targeted, and how to negotiate for the sale and close the deal.