Developing Websites for Sale

By | June 2, 2008

Today, selling websites has become a popular business over the internet. With this rapidly increasing business a new online market has emerged, which is known as virtual real estate. This virtual real estate consists to all the websites that you own on the internet. Many webmasters, developers and computer gurus are now interested in different ways of investing in internet real estate. When selling a website you may want to find out its perceived value. Normally, this value depends upon traffic and income that the particular website generates.

Selling websites can be a profitable business. Most people develop websites with the intention of sale. The main reason behind creating the website is to make it profitable with increased traffic so that it can be sold at higher price, later on. If you really want to make substantial income from selling websites, then you must ensure that your website is profitable. You can generate income from your website in a number of ways. Your website can either display advertisements or actually sell product and services. By using the services like Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher you can earn from the advertisements displayed on your websites. Various ad networks can also assist you in earning revenue from ads placed on the website. If your website is receiving a high traffic then these networks can assist you in making extra monthly income. Normally, you are paid on monthly basis for the revenue generated by advertisements.

You can sell your website when it starts generating stable monthly income through advertisements. Remember, that a profitable website is valued the most. A website that earns large monthly income can be sold for higher profits. Let’s suppose that your website has been earning $500 per month from Google Adsense. You have also been earning this fixed amount of money over the period of last three months. Now, when selling your website you will mention this fact to the client. The reason for mentioning the three month period is to show that the website is generating steady monthly income. It also verifies that your website has income stability enabling you in achieving the desired selling price. Selling websites can be profitable business, if your website is earning steady income.

Depending upon the decision you take, your website can normally be sold if it has been earning consistent income for the period of six to twelve months. This is usually the general time scale that can be used to determine the selling price of your website. However, you should understand that this period is based on new websites that have been generating revenue within or less than three months. If your website has been producing stable income for long time period and aged well, then you can receive higher profits by selling it. You should follow these basic principles if you really want to earn money selling websites.

Selling websites can be difficult in the beginning. You can make this challenging task easier, by properly evaluating your site, so that you have an appropriate idea about the worth of your website. This can be done by carefully monitoring the monthly sales over the period of several months. If you website is earning stable income, then you should sell it according to its true value.