A Few Things to Consider when Buying a Website

By | June 4, 2008

Large numbers of websites are being sold over the web. Buying a website can be an interesting experience but you must look out for some of the pitfalls. Sometimes, certain sellers may approach you with a valuable deal. On other occasions you may be disappointed by the quality of the websites being offered for sale. There are no pre-established rules when buying a website. For some people it can be a challenging task. Almost always there is a difference of perception between the buyer and seller. Both parties may fail to agree at some point like quality of content and graphics etc. Before you buy a website you must ask the following questions to seller:

  1. What’s the reason behind the sale? This is the first and foremost question you should ask. There may be a good reason for selling the website. Or, there could be no solid reason at all. The point here is: that you will never understand the reason behind the sale, until you ask about it. Also, Google tries to rank websites according to their age. Remember, older websites are more valuable.
  2. What is the domain’s market reputation? This is essential. You should consider buying a website that has a famous domain name. This will greatly assist you in developing an online business by providing you a firm start. Things will be lot tougher if you are purchasing a website that has a bad reputation. It is suggested that you should consider buying a website that has a well reputed domain.
  3. Do you have expert knowledge on the website’s topic? If you are not acquainted with the overall topic of the website, then how can you possibly benefit from it? When buying a website make sure that you are familiar with its subject matter and feel comfortable with it. This is not for your own good but for your customers as well.
  4. Is the site supported by large number of back links and does it have an above average PageRank and Alexa ranking? Back links are created by placing the link of one website on another. They have a sole purpose of directing traffic to your website. They are important factor to consider when buying a website. Similarly, PageRank and Alexa ranking must be reviewed before buying a website.
  5. Does the website contain relevant information? Again, this is necessary. Google greatly stresses on the importance of relevant content. You must remember; the website must have content that relates to its topic. This increases the value of website in the eyes of search engines.
  6. Does the website provide a newsletter or mailing list? Is the list well-managed? In simple words, how many times bad e-mail addresses or unresponsive recipients have been removed from the list? You can enquire the owner about mailing list, when buying a website. Ask him that is the list included as part of the deal?
  7. Will the seller offer support after the purchase? Even after there has been an exchange of ownership there may be some details that need to be adjusted. Make sure that you enquire the seller, for how long he or she will offer the support after you have bought the website and obtain all the details in writing.

Buying a website can be tricky at times, since it is often difficult to make up your mind. Once you are in doubt you may cancel the deal altogether. Simply make the buying process easier by asking the above mentioned questions.

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