Seven Strategies to Consider when Buying a Website

By | May 31, 2008

The advantage of buying a website is that you do not have to establish an audience and wait for search engines to index the website. Majority of the webmasters will understand the benefit of link exchanges. Even those webmasters who are not well conversant with their SEO understand this. It is very important for every website to have some form of backlink network developed so that their results can be returned in the major search engines. Even a poorly managed website must have some sort of backlink network. Such websites may not turn out to be in the top ten search results and they will need optimization and improvement.

Buying a mature website will assist the buyer in avoiding the Google Sandbox, which means that your website is not being shown in Google searches. The purchased website should be at least 12 months old. There are certain variables to consider when buying a website such as at what stage you are taking over the website and how much profit you will gain. Other factors include the price that owner is expecting to receive for the website. When buying a website, it is really important for you to consider the amount of traffic on the website. You have to pay money according to the amount of traffic. Normally, websites with higher traffic are more expensive.

Top seven strategies to consider when buying a website

  1. Buying a website that has traffic targeted towards the product or service you wish to sell. This will help you establish a customer base very quickly but you need to keep a check on the quality and target of the traffic. Buying a website with a high traffic that consists of users who don’t increase your revenue, will only consume a lot of bandwidth.
  2. Buying a website that generates income from advertisements. In this case, you might not need to change the website. You simply need to increase website traffic and improve the advertisements on the site. Sites that are poorly optimized but have plenty of good content are ideal for this opportunity.
  3. Buying a website with the intention of flipping it quickly. You need to find sites that are not doing well and can offer you a large profit after restoration.
  4. Buying a website that is community driven. A site comprising of forums with a nice target audience is the optimum target. You should choose a community that has established high value for advertisers and has a selection of products that suit your marketing strategies or match the products and services you already offer.
  5. Buying a website that has a highly popular keyword niche and is expected to become popular in the future. Search engines rank the websites according to keywords. You need to identify trends before they become really popular so you can benefit from them.
  6. Remove or merge with the competition. This is when you purchase competing websites. Alternatively, you can combine with your competing website or another website to create one large business.
  7. Buy a website for domain name. In this case, you just want the domain name and don’t really care about the content of the website.