Factors to Consider when Selling a Site

By | May 27, 2008

If you have a site to sell, then you might need some help. There are a lot of factors that one should consider before starting a transaction. Keeping these factors in mind would not just help you get profits, but maximize them. Here are a few things you have to think about:

  1. Timing – you have to remember that timing is the key to any good sale. Sell too early and you might end up with little to no demand; sell too late and you might end up with a market fully saturated by competition. Timing is crucial to make sure that your site will be in demand.A lot of people believe that the best time to sell would be when your site has established a reputation. You need to show buyers that the site actually has huge potential. This will increase its value and help you with the negotiations.
  2. Potential – we mentioned potential in the above discussion. What exactly is potential and how do you judge it? Well, there are different ways to judge a site’s potential, but there are three that stand out:
    1. Traffic – this refers to the amount of people that visit your site. Having more traffic means that your site has more profit potential and this equals an increase in value.
    2. Ranking – page ranking isn’t as reliable as it used to be in online marketing, but some people still use it as a gauge for the profitability or potential of a site. The ranking of web sites can be observed pretty easily and can be a great way of looking how easily new users can find your site.
    3. Profits – potential can be observed in just how quickly the amount of the site’s profit is rising. Of course, there are only a few occasions when this situation causes a web owner to sell, and one of those occasions usually involves a person not having enough resources to support the increasing business. Selling could prove more profitable than continued operation.
  3. Location – knowing where to sell your site is very important. This affects the sort of exposure your sale gets and thus, affects the number of potential buyers. Knowing the right locations to promote the site would let you maximize the amount of money you can make from the sale. This applies both to promotions and to actually finding an auction site.
  4. Pricing – setting a price for your site is crucial to encouraging buyers. The price should give you enough profit, yet should be within your target market’s reach. Remember that website flipping and selling is all about making profit. Set a highlight price, but you should also be prepared to negotiate and lower the price.

These are just some of the factors that you should think about when selling your website. Remember to value the site fairly and to think about when a deal is good or not. Time the sale right and you might just find yourself getting maximum profits for your effort and investment.

2 thoughts on “Factors to Consider when Selling a Site

  1. Mitch

    I am considering selling my site, I just need some feedback and opinion… the site is relatively new and growing at a steady pace, google rankings have steadily increased, income ranges from $400-$800 a month, within a year it should be over $1500, as the pagerank increases.

    Is there somebody at this site that can give me some advice, or is my site to new to consider selling and should I wait a year, just looking for some input. Email me at [email protected] , thanks.


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