How to Make Money by Selling Websites

By | January 19, 2009


Where to find buyers 

You must market your website for sale to potential qualified buyers. There are various website marketplaces to sell your site online. Most reputable marketplaces will charge you to list your site for sale, but will increase your exposure to qualified buyers.

Another option is for you to simply use something such as Google Adwords to advertise the website. Then again, create yourself a business website that allows you to market your website business. You can build and sell websites as a career if you want to. 

What they look for 

Buyers are looking for a number of elements in a website. One of those elements is Search Engine Optimization. Although the website will most likely be customized to fit their particular business, they want to see that the site is already optimized and that it is already achieving search engine rankings. It is very important that there is some sort of backlink network in place. This means there are many links on the Internet leading into the website. This can be done through article marketing, Adwords ads, forum postings, and any avenue on the Internet that is available for you to post links. You may even consider posting a press release about the release of the site. In other words, you will be using your traditional Internet marketing techniques to optimize the site the way the buyer needs it to be.  

Buyers are also looking for a site that is frequently updated, visually appealing, functional, and upgradable. They need a site that is capable of evolving along with their business and that is something that you can do for them.

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