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Seven Strategies to Consider when Buying a Website

The advantage of buying a website is that you do not have to establish an audience and wait for search engines to index the website. Majority of the webmasters will understand the benefit of link exchanges. Even those webmasters who are not well conversant with their SEO understand this. It is very important for every website to have… Read More »

Finding, Evaluating and Buying a Site

In order to successfully make a living from flipping websites, you need to learn where to find the sites which could earn you nice profits, how to objectively assess the price for the sites you’ve targeted, and how to negotiate for the sale and close the deal.

Avoiding Scams and Frauds when Buying and Selling Websites

Owing to the relative anonymity of cyberspace, scams and frauds are also reaping profits on the Internet, often directly competing with legitimate online businesses. If you go into the site flipping business, you will undoubtedly come across some of these types, and it would be to your advantage if you keep in mind the following tips to avoid… Read More »

Introduction to Buying, Selling and Valuing Websites

I. Buying and Selling Websites The Problem So. . . you’ve worked hard at building a web site from scratch. You started back in 1995 in the web’s “early days”. You built content, built the databases, designed graphics, and wrote software. You promoted your site every chance you got and added e-commerce to generate revenue. The last years… Read More »

Making Money Buying Websites

A few months ago I came across a website for sale on According to the information in the listing, the site was getting about 1000 visitors a day and was making about $250 a month selling a downloadable e-book. The seller wanted $7500 for the site. I took a look around and got excited.

How to spot hidden opportunities

Here are some tips to identify websites for sale that have a hidden or locked in potential. Some of the things to look for are: Sites with a high number of targeted visitors who do not collect visitor emails and don’t try to upsell or cross-sell other products or services.